Live-coding (aka walk-thrus) ✅

Everyone is welcome to join our live coding sessions, Tues-Fri Australia time (Mon-Thurs US time). Currently we’re learning APL in these sessions. Details here. Below are links to earlier study sessions focused on Unix and terminal basics, and training deep learning models.

Here are links to over 20 hours of tutorials and live coding sessions, explaining from the foundations how to: install python the right way; set up a terminal; write shell scripts; use vim; use a remote Jupyter server; use git, github, tmux, and ssh; use the python debugger; and more! We discuss how to setup and use a GPU-based server on Paperspace, and how to use it to train and improve deep learning models.

All sessions

All sessions are in this playlist. Here’s the forum topics (including direct video links)


The walk-thrus kinda morphed into more of a daily live-coding thing. We’ve moved away from my original plan to walk through each lesson of the course.

Therefore I’ve decided to rename these to “live-coding”, and will start walk-thrus of lessons from lesson 1 when we release the course.


Note that Paperspace has now released new fastai images with mamba and the lastest fastai pre-installed, running python 3.9. To use it, you’ll need to create a new instance.

To setup paperspace with the new environment, delete you /storage/ and /storage/.bash.local files and your /storage/cfg directory, and follow the steps here: