Category Topics

Part 1 2022

You can use this category to discuss the Part 1 (2022) Deep Learning course, Practical Deep Learning for Coders.

Part 2 2022/23

You can use this category to discuss the Part 2 (2022) Deep Learning course, “From Deep Learning Foundations to Stable Diffusion”. Please take a moment to introduce yourself here!

Deep Learning

Use this category to discuss anything to do with deep learning that’s not related to a course (each of those has its own category) - including stuff that’s not related to at all!


This is for help with installing and using the fastai library, for any level of user.


This category is for discussing nbdev.

Array programming

This is for study of programming in array languages such as APL, J, BQN, and K, as well as array-oriented features of other languages and notation such as einstein notation, numpy broadcasting, mathematica’s threaded. We may even get into discussions of combinatory logic.

Part 1 (2020)

You can use this category to discuss the Part 1 (2020) Deep Learning course, whether attending in person through USF, or remotely as a International Fellow.

Part 2 (2019)

Welcome to part 2 (2019)! Please ensure that you’ve completed part 1 (2019) before the first lesson. If you haven’t looked at the course for a while, I’d strongly suggest reviewing the lessons, since we’ll be diving deep right from the first day of the course!

Computational Linear Algebra

This category is for questions and discussions related to the course, Computational Linear Algebra. This blog post introduces the course.

Data Ethics

This category has been used to share materials for data ethics courses at the USF Data Institute (first the data ethics certificate course, and now the MSDS course). I will be sharing course readings and materials here, and you are welcome to post articles you read or questions you have related to data ethics. I hope this will be a good place to keep data ethics discussion going throughout the week (and after the end of the course), as well as for you to bring up topics we may not have time for in class.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Intro to Machine Learning (2018)

Welcome to Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders! Please use this category for any questions, issues, comments (and of course answers!) related to this course.

Part 1 (2019)

This topic is for anyone to chat about anything you want, as long as it is at least somewhat related to the course! (It’s fine if you drift off topic a bit though.)

Part 1 (2018)

Use this category for discussions of Practical Deep Learning for Coders (2018), Part 1. Be sure to check the FAQ before posting, and read about how to ask for help.

Part 2 & Alumni (2018)

Use this category for discussions of Cutting Edge Deep Learning for Coders (2018), Part 2. Also use this category if you’ve finished the course and want to discuss topics that may be of interest to other part 2 students and alumni.

Part 1 (2017)

Please use this category for all discussions of part 1 of the older keras-based (Note that we recommend switching to the new course if possible. The forum for the new course is here: #part1-v2 ).

Part 2 (2017)

NB: This category is for the older version of the course.


Forum for discussion of higher-level APIs for S4TF. This is a wiki post - feel free to edit it to add any high-level resources that everyone here should be aware of.


Please use this category to discuss covid-19. Focus particularly on content likely to be of interest to this community - i.e. data driven, technical, practical, accessible. If you’re working on a project, feel free to create a topic and ask for help! Note: you need to read for 10 mins and look at 3 posts before the system lets you create a new topic.