Wrapping up the course! ✅


This week’s lesson (two days from now) will be our last for part 1! Congrats to all of you that have made it to the end. :smiley: If you haven’t made it that far yet, perhaps you might find the share your work thread inspires you with the amazing work from your fellow students. I’m hoping we’ll be able to run part 2 of the course towards the end of the year.

I plan to release the course publicly in the next week or two. So please do stick around here and help answer the questions of all the new folks that will be joining this forum then. I’m going to start a study group for the course when it’s released, which you’re all most welcome to join – keep an eye out here on the forums for details.

A key way people find the course is through YouTube recommendations. Their algorithm relies on "like"s to a large degree. I’d really appreciate it if each of you could go through and click the “thumbs up” button next to any lessons that you enjoyed – particularly on lesson 1, since hopefully once folks watch that they’ll be hooked and watch the rest! Even if you’ve done this before, please do it again, because most folks actually "like"d the live stream URL, not the edited recording (so that won’t count for YouTube’s recommendations), and also I’ve updated the edited recording of lesson 1 to a new version today (so it’s got a new URL).

Here’s a playlist of all the videos to make it easier to pick out any you feel are worth your “thumbs up”:


@jeremy have you tried editing the livestream video/link to instead use the recorded one and rename it? Just a guess, dunno if it works

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The features of the Web based YouTube editor are too basic, and editing outside of that means you have to upload a new file.

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Maybe, if you deem it to be appropriate, you could link a playlist for all the live coding / walkthrus sessions…
Or just concatenate them to the main playlist! They are awesomely useful & informative.


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That playlist is already available and linked in the main live coding thread:


Thanks again Jeremy for yet another fantastic fastai course! The course, the community, and the library will always have a special place in my heart.


Hi Jeremy, all the “old” videos (both live stream and recordings) of part 1 2022 (not in the playlist) won’t be removed from youtube, right? I am concerned with the links I used from those videos in my notes.

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