Fastai v2 daily code walk-thrus

Edit: the live streams discussed below are no longer running - although there may be more later (if there are, they will be announced here). Recorded versions of all walk-thrus are above.

I’m doing a code walk-thru of some of fastai v2 most weekdays at 2.30pm pacific. It’s streamed over YouTube live - I’ll put a link to that here. I’ll also be recording it.

Everyone is welcome to join. You will get the most out of this if you’re already fairly comfortable with the most recent deep learning courses part 1 and 2. These walk-thrus are designed to help early adopters get up to speed on the pre-release (and incomplete) library, especially for people who are interested in contributing to development. Initial info about fastai v2 is here.

You are welcome to ask questions in the discussion, either thru text chat or directly thru audio/video, but please ensure that you are muted at all other times when you’re not asking a question.

I’m very much hoping that some of you wonderful people will take the material we cover and write it down in the various wiki threads we have here - it would be really helpful to everyone to have some of this info available in browsable/searchable form. So if you can take good notes, I’d be extra grateful if you can join! :smiley: (And in return, I’ll review your notes, so you’ll get feedback on anything you might have misunderstood.)


Thank you Jeremy for doing this!!! That’s wonderfully and GREATLY appreciated :slight_smile: We highly appreciate all the work and effort you do! I will definitely be chiming in 3x a week, as I have class on two days during that :cry:


How long will this be going on?

Also, what are the instructions for joining this Skype chat?

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I’m pretty sure with Skype once he posts the link, if you have skype installed you can direct yourself there (or it will redirect to the app/program) and then for courtesy mute yourself unless you have a question :slight_smile: (unsure if it’s slightly different but imagine it will be very close to this)

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OK I am used to just skype calls with individual people where you have to find them on skype and then call. Thanks for the clarification!

This is really great! But it will be around 3 am in India and will not be feasible for me to join live. Hope that the recordings will be posted in the same post here for people like me to review and contribute with posts.


That’s my hope. I’ve never tried it either. Fingers crossed it works OK! Apparently there’s a max of 50 per video chat, which is pretty impressive for a free product. :slight_smile:


Jeremy, when writing our tutorials, what advice do you have? (planning ahead). One thing I was going to do is in colaboratory go ahead and rewrite (almost verbatim) the course v1 and notice and explain how each difference is set up in the new library with a side by side function comparison to help ease people in the v2 from something they can directly look at. Any thoughts?


Same, hope there will be recordings

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Can’t wait!

Wow! Thanks so much for this Jeremy! Really really appreciate it! I can’t wait. I will definitely be joining :slight_smile:
FastAI has already changed my life already for the better and I can’t wait to get into the source code :slight_smile:

It will be 7:30am - a great start to the day and to work with a daily dose of fastai from Jeremy himself !


That sounds great! If I am not mistaken, this will be at 11:30 pm tomorrow here in Germany :thinking:… I just completed both courses and an opportunity to dive deeper into fastai sounds very interesting :slight_smile: will try to join that call !

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Will the video be uploaded anywhere?


Code walk-thrus are amazing! Thank you for giving us the chance to better understand and appreciate what you have done so far.

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This is great, I will join :slightly_smiling_face:!

Using zoom would be another great option. It provides upto 100 participants in the free version and it’s very easy for everyone to join using a single URL. There is a limit of 40 mins in the free version though.


My experience with Skype is that it sometimes has issues when you have people using other than windows. I usually switch to google hangouts when that occurs.
However, one thing that could be great for streaming would be to use twitch which is used by gamers and is made for streaming your screen. Here is a tutorial for that
With twitch people can also follow it via their mobile devices as well.
Viewers communicate with the broadcaster via chat.


Brilliant !!! It will be 10:30 PM , so it will be nice dose of Deep learning before hitting the bed :slight_smile:

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Great! The evening time of the previous fastai courses would be better for all folks outside the US I guess. Most of Europe, Asia and Africa would be after midnight at 2:30pm pacific time.

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In the UK, so probably a bit too late for me, but would love to contribute