Waiting for course2-v4?

Looking for a way to keep learning in the interim?

We got you covered. We’re kicking off two new study groups this coming Sunday, June 7th!

Fastai v2 Library

Calling all Fastai afficionados! Announcing a new study group to cover Jeremy’s fastai v2 library walkthroughs

Meetings are Sundays 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM Pacific Time, starting with an orientation meeting on June 7th

We’ll have 10 meetings (not including the orientation meeting), one for each walk-through video.


I’d like to leverage the tremendous expertise in this community, so if you are interested in leading a session, please write yourself in on the schedule!

To participate in this study group, you will need the Zoom invitation.
Join TWiML to get an invitation to TWiML Slack, then join the channel #fast_ai_v2_library and you’ll find the Zoom invitation pinned at the top.

Hands-On Machine Learning

Meetings: Sundays at 10:00 AM - noon Pacific Time, starting with an orientation on June 7th. We’ll meet in a Zoom chatroom created by TWiML especially for this group.

Textbook: Hands-On Machine Learning, with Scikit-Learn, Keras and TensorFlow 2nd. ed. 2019, by Aurelien Geron . Jeremy has said good things about this book. Cost is about $45 on Amazon, and is a small price to pay for the opportunity to experience this textbook – which provides a thorough introduction to state of the art techniques in machine learning as of 2019 – in the environment of a weekly remote study group.


Mastering the material in this book will be an ambitious but worthwhile undertaking – it’s a seven-month project. There are biweekly meetings, ending on Feb 7th.

To participate in this study group,you will need the Zoom invitation. Join TWiML to get an invitation to TWiML Slack, then join the channel #hands_on_ml and you’ll find the Zoom invitation pinned at the top.

Special thanks to TWiML founder Sam Charrington for making these study groups possible!


While waiting for the new course I’d highly recommend checking out @muellerzr’s tutorials instead of Jeremy’s walkthroughs (if you haven’t already considered it). Lots of little things have changed in the library since the first walk throughs were published and @muellerzr’s are more up to date and also provide a lot of examples

Re the book, I’m all for diversity of thought and external sources, but its worth highlighting that Jeremy and Sylvain’s book, “Deep Learning for Coders with fastai and PyTorch” is also available for pre-order and also freely available on github as jupyter notebooks (although as per the license no commercial or broadcast use is allowed). Its also a great way to get more familiar with fastai v2 and learn deep learning from scratch.

Just wanted to highlight the above resources in case you had missed them, good luck with the study group!


Hi @morgan Thanks for the pointer on @muellerzr’s tutorials!

I’ve organized and led a study group through course1-v4. So I am aware that Jeremy’s and Sylvain’s book is available online, and I’ve already pre-ordered a copy.

I organized the Hands-on Machine Learning course because I believe that becoming literate in the TensorFlow/keras ecosystem is quite worthwhile, especially in the context of a structured and supportive study group, and with such an excellent text.


Great! Thanks for the work you’re doing for the community!

Looking at job ads at the moment TF/Keras seems to be more commonly used in industry than pytorch, I feel I should really get my head around it…some day :sweat_smile:

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