Welcome University of Queensland participants

For those of you who have signed up for this course through the University of Queensland (UQ), a very warm welcome to you! :smiley: This is the place where fast.ai will be running the course for you.

If you read nothing else, click the topic below and read it very carefully, since this is where you’ll find the times of each lesson, and a link to the live stream to watch it:

Each lesson is streamed via YouTube Live, using the links that are posted to the above topic each week prior to class. Each lesson also has a discussion thread. Here’s the thread for week 1 (which is “lesson 9”):

After each lesson, an edited recording will also be provided in both the “About” forum topic and the lesson discussion topic.

Your questions are always welcome! Feel free to post questions about the course in this topic, or feel free to create a new topic to start a discussion. Please don’t send me private messages or at-mention me unless you have an urgent issue that no-one else can help with. For any administrative or billing questions please contact the UQ admin team via email.

This forum is running on a software platform call Discourse, that has many useful features. To get started, we recommending reading this tutorial:


Hello, I am registered not as a participant of Queensland University. Where and how can I follow lessons? Thank you.

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Hi fellow UQ people!

Interesting, there doesn’t seem to be a HuggingFace org for UQ. Do we need to make one?

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Hi Jeremy and all, if I bought two seats for the course, who’s the best point of contact to share my colleagues email address for an invite?

All logistics are done by the UQ folks.

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