Study Meetup (Europe / South Asia) for Part 2

I’ll be restarting the regular meetups for the Delft FastAI group on Sunday mornings (11am CET) after each of the part 2 sessions each week.

There’s a group of us who worked through part 1 together when it ran live earlier this year, but new faces are always welcome!

This is an online meetup group mainly focused on checking in on concepts / ideas / practices that were brought up during the live session earlier in the week. to register with the group and sign up for the individual sessions. (We are also on Discord at the #delft-fastai channel and that’s where most of the communication around the meetings (i.e. links people want to share etc) happens.).


YES !!! I’ll be joining ! Looking forward to get to know more people here.


Hi Alex! Thanks for organizing! Are these meetups IRL or online?

Online. We have a lot of people from various time zones and locations participating. We had this same group for part 1, but I think there will be some new people this time round.


The Discord link seems not be working?

Join the discord, then navigate to the #delft-fastai channel, I guess, would be the alternative way. Maybe it doesn’t work if you’re not already a member?


To access Discord you’ll need to have followed the invite link in this topic:


Ah this is fabulous! Thank you for organising, I would love to join you for these :slight_smile:

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