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Making Masks and Hygiene Tips

How to make reusable masks and WHO hand sanitizer recipes - contact @Moody or add comments in (Masks for covid-19)


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Starter Colab notebook I created



This is the best therapy for people like us, during these times. Coming together to learn from an amazing group. Thank you Jeremy and Rachel and Sgugger for doing this!


Translation of Jeremy and Rachel’s blog in Hindi


Here is the link to the post:


In Italy there are sixty (60) million people in lock down. The whole country is…unfortunately

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Jeremy, Rachel, and Sylvain - thank you for your incredibly thoughtful and hard work, and for acknowledging the situation we all find ourselves in. The kind words, reassurance, and humility are very much appreciated.

Really excited to get to know this community better!


Thanks so much for making this post. “Flatten the Curve” is the best example of Data Science storytelling that we’ve ever seen- I think it’s worth examining why this post and the general message of “Flatten the Curve” have been so successful at communicating.


would it be a good idea to cluster study groups based on topic and not location? we all are technically in one virtual space…


It depends if you plan to run for a few hours here and there or most of the day. From first experience working remotely with fast.ai, being in the same-ish time zone is really important to be as efficient as possible.


Request: I know the course will become a MOOC later, but if possible, please make the CO-VID 19 part of the discussion public.


The COVID-19 slides have references from the sources of the data?

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I’ve added the link to the study of the imperial college Jeremy is mentioning at the top.



Anybody in US looking for a test kit, can order from here --> https://en.wondfo.com.cn/product/wondfo-sars-cov-2-antibody-test-lateral-flow-method-2/
Seems to be approved test kit in China now. Source: Twittter


What’s the significance of the 33% daily increase line? Does it indicate stage of spread (contact vs community for example)?

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Re Jeremy’s comment on “masks” in South Korea - do Jeremy and Jessica have thoughts on whether they are effective based on the data? (eg surgeon general says no, Michigan study says yes)

I think it’s mostly a regression form the Italy case, but I could be wrong.

It seems like number of deaths is not the right metric to compare countries by? Shouldn’t it be # of deaths / population or something normalized like that? E.g. how can we compare a small country like Netherlands with 17M pop vs US with 300M pop?

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