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The Naïve Bayes Classifier
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Just posted the lesson video.

(Sonu) #3

I am doing Quora insincere question challenge in kaggle. I created validation set from train-test-split size same as test set. My validation score is 90% while my submission is 52%. What’s going on?

(Shivam Chandhok) #4

Can someone please help me in using nbsvm++ for inference.I am able to train it but I am not able to get an inference at test time.How can I use this model for testing.

(Shivam Chandhok) #5

Did you do it using nbsvm++

(Shivam Chandhok) #6

Can you help me with inference step of nbsvm++ at test time.
I want to host it on a web app and make real time predictions.