[Unofficial, Virtual] SF/Bay Area Study Group

Hi all,

We have 2 post-class SF/Bay Area study group meetups for fastbook. Timing is optimized for after regular work hours in the Bay Area, folks from any time zone are welcome.

  • Weekly on Wednesdays 6-9PM PST Check back frequently as this is changing. Silent notebook work & 30 mins discussion. Prior to discussion, post topics in this thread: Bay Area Study group thread. For more info on the Tuesday group reach out to host Molly Beavers (@marii).

  • Biweekly on Thursdays 7-8:30PM PST Demos of class related work starting May 21st. You can find our meeting notes and topic schedule here . For info on the Thursday demos reach out to host Steef Van Winkel (@steef).


I have been organizing a Meetup for a year now, and hosts are cancelling on us. It may not be difficult to get a space for a Meetup. Rightfully due the the coronavirus.


@init_27 Would it be okay to continue the conversation from " USF Study will be virtual - ideas welcome" here? It seemed like we were planning a study group there, but managed to derail the thread a bit.

We can talk logistics about organizing a study group here is so.


I too am interested in the study group and couldn’t really make much out from the other thread. How does this work ? So do people meet once a week(virtually or in person) after the class and discuss the class and work on a project ? Does Jeremy host one too ?

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I am here in San Francisco, and I am interested in joining a study group. sharing passion with others would be great, also it would be cool if it will be online.

Please be sure not to organize any physical study groups due to covid-19.


I am based in San Jose… love to join this study group…

Hi all - I’m based in SF - would love to join this too. Also, when it’s OK to meet in person again in a few months or so, would love to meet IRL then too.

But for the time being - would love to do join the study group virtually.


would love to join this group!

Would love to join this group as well!

Hey all. I’m based in Oakland. I’d be down to meet virtually and maybe in the real world once we can!

Also – wanted to call out that I have a full time job so would love to join evening /weekend study groups if anyone else is in a similar situation. Cheers :slight_smile:


It would be great to meet at the same time of the class during the week. Looking forward to connect with all of you

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@steef @Albertotono same here: my only options are the evenings.

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OK - sounds like at least some folks would like to meet during the evening. Shall we just start with a quick meeting this week? Just to introduce ourselves, debrief from the course today, see if we can find the right technology to meet through, etc.

E.g. I could meet say tomorrow and/or Thursday at 6:30pm PST – does this work for others too?

If so, are people comfortable using Google Meet/Hangouts? Sorry I’m a little biased towards Google products just because I work there, but also happy to do e.g. Skype or other solutions that people are comfortable with.

In case people are OK with Google Meet/Hangout; here is a link that we can use tomorrow/Thursday or whenever works for all.

Thoughts? What is everyone’s availability?

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Thursdays at 6:30pm PST works…open with Google Hangout…

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Thursday 6:30 pm works for me. I’m ok with hangouts.

If that doesn’t work, we can also use Zoom, I have a paid account so I can organize a meeting with unlimited time and unlimited members.


I am looking to join the study group as well. I took fastai last year and have been working on projects for the past year, so I should be able to answer most questions.

Cool – if it’s helpful I can add an invite to people’s calendars. If interested, please send me a direct message (does that work here? :slight_smile: ) with your email address and I’ll add you.

Looking forward!

FYI – assuming Thu 6:30pm PT for the time being.


I’m in.