2020 Study Group v4 (Los Angeles - virtual)

I’m looking for people for an online virtual study group, covering the v4 2020 fast.ai online course.

We will be doing weekly 2 hour online meetups in the evening perhaps (Wednesdays 6pm?). Each meetup covers one lesson.

We will start in September 2020, although specific date not settled yet. Maybe a meet and greet on Labor Day Holiday evening (Sept 7)

Before each meetup, each participant will watch the selected online course lesson, take notes and go through the notebook(s).

During the online meetup we will go through the notebook(s) covered in the lesson, discussing ideas, sharing notes and questions.

In principle, anyone interested and willing to put in the time to learn and become better at machine learning are welcome.

The online meetups will be in the evening for Pacific Standard Time (PST).

No prior experience is required, though basic coding skills are recommended. This study group is for BEGINNERS (like me)

How to join

Just reply to this post.


I am interested in joining! Thanks for taking the initiative to get this started.

I’m interested as well!

There are study groups starting this weekend!


I’m in too!

I’d like to join this Los Angeles study group, too. Thanks!

My study group(me+2) is almost finished with the book, and we are interested in joining in a more mentor-like capacity. Would this be something your group would be interested in?

@butchland @tyoc213


I can’t speak for everyone, but I would be interested in and grateful for that.

HI everyone. To those who are still interested in a beginner level study group, I got together with TWIML and here is the link https://twimlai.com/program/fast-ai-practical-deep-learning-for-coders-study-group/

We start on Sept 9, 2020, 5:30-7:30pm PST. They will be recorded, but will follow the video lessons 2020v4, (1-8)

For those that want some mentorship, perhaps you can engage the TWIML community and begin another study group. There’s quite a bit of groups going on over there. I’d wish I can take them all.


Forgive me everyone. My DAY has been changed to Tuesdays, which will start on Sept 8. 5:30pm PST You can find more information at the TWIML site: https://twimlai.com/program/fast-ai-practical-deep-learning-for-coders-study-group/

There are other study groups that are starting as well, so check out their community.

I hope to see you on Tuesday!


how do we join the slack?

To join the slack, I followed the “join us” link on this page and received an invitation to join the TWIML Slack, from which I was able to join the #fast_ai_practical_dl channel.

I m Intrested!!

Announcement: fast_ai_practical_dl meeting
When: Tue 9/8/2020 at 5:30 PM Pacific Time
Topic: Video 1
Join on Zoom when it’s time.

I would love a study group that picks up on the book where the course ends.

Hi @foobar8675,
A few people from the sf study group are actually doing that (continue after the lectures ended) but we’re getting close to the end of the book (we just covered ch 17 today).
You could still join us for chapters 18 and 19 if you want (chapter 20 is just conclusion so we probably won’t have a separate discussion for that).

Best regards,

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Thanks Butch,That sounds super interesting, but I tried following the thread, but am a bit confused. Is the next meeting on the 24th and it’s the google meet link at the top of the link (not zoom)?

Is it not really a lecture but more of a discussion of what people have learned in that chapter / worked on?

Sorry, for the confusion, I don’t think the links have been updated (we used to meet on Mondays).

There’s 2 meetings – a biweekly meeting on Thursdays 7-830 PST (there’s one scheduled this week I think) for project presentations, blog posts, etc and a weekly book reading meeting every Wednesday 6-9 PM.

The book reading group kind of meets now on the fastai discord study groups channel – just ping Molly Beavers (@marii) if you want to join.

We usually allot 2.5 hours for reading a chapter – but we share the questionnaire and pick the questions to answer at the start of the session and then discuss the answers for about 30-45 minutes after the reading session.

Everybody gets to answer 1 or 2 questions from the questionnaire so the discussion is distributed among all participants.

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Thanks for this, I’d like to join the next LA meeting, when will that be held?

Announcement: fast_ai_practical_dl meeting
When: Tue 9/15/2020 at 5:30 PM Pacific Time
Topic: Lesson Video 2
Join on Zoom when it’s time.

Join the TWIML slack channel to see the discussions. You can find more info here https://twimlai.com/community/

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