[Unofficial, Virtual] SF/Bay Area Study Group

would love to join, but not sure how often I could join. preschools are all closed and the little one makes my free time sporadic - but would love to be part of this thread and contribute that way.

Sorry for not checking the thread @marii

I’ll be happy more than happy to join and e-meet you!

I’ll update the OP with the links. Thanks so much, @steef!

Awesome Thursday at 6.30pm.
I counted 12 people at the moment
@giacomov @foobar8675 @zcancio @marii @vbruno @DanCranford @GullyABurns @pinaki @chaitu137. (I can only mention 10 users in a post (Removing Init))

Thanks @steef for the calendar invitation:
my email is albertotono3@gmail.com

awesome! will join!
Do we have any particular agenda? Is the goal to discuss potential projects / discuss the lesson 1 material.

I’d love to join as a well!

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Will try to join as well

I think we could start with a 3 minutes introduction (really 3 minutes, we’re more than ten, so this alone would be more than half an hour :slight_smile: ): who we are, our experience level, one project idea.

Then starting from there we can maybe form little work groups and spin off to slack or here on the forum for daily interactions, and keep a weekly or bi-weekly meeting for status updates.

How does it sound?

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@Albertotono @steef could you add me to the calendar invite. I DM’d you directly @steef but not sure the calendar invite came through. Looking forward to it. Thanks.

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Hey all – a lot of interest in tonight’s 6:30pm study group! I’ve gotten a lot of direct messages and added all the emails to the invite just now. Please check your calendar/email to see if you got the invite.

If not – please DM me again and I can still add you.

Suggested agenda items:

  • Round the horn; intro’s, your goals for the DL1 course + for the study group
  • Debrief from Tuesday course
  • “Homework”
  • Questionnaire review

Any other thoughts on what people want to cover tonight?

Looking forward to see y’all tonight!



See you at 6.30pm awesome topics.
Not sure if we have time to go over the questionnaire, IMHO I think it would be better to discuss that topic here in the forum with others. https://forums.fast.ai/t/fastbook-chapter-1-questionnaire-solutions-wiki/65647/4
Looking forward to meeting you all

Hi all,
My hangouts session got disconnected like 3 times already, I was wondering if its the same for you guys ? Please let me know.

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Hi, @chaitu137 @steef,

I connected but no one was there in the hangouts room?

I just connected and no one was there. Meant to connect earlier, but getting groceries took WAY longer than expected due to coronavirus.

We’re all in this hangout :slight_smile:

I am getting an error saying that the video call is full. Seems like the max is 9 guests + 1 host.

At this point I am probably the only 1 who will make it go over. We can probably figure out the maximum capacity thing next week, don’t want to be too much trouble.

Oh no! I’ll mention it to the host. I heard someone is dropping off soon so you may be able to hop in.

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Okay! looks like there’s a spot open now. :smiley:
Also they’re going to expand it to the payed version to have more spots for next week.

Hey guys, as agreed, I used the forum to write down my project idea:


Any feedback (and/or sign-up) would be very appreciated!

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Because this was asked:
Here is a little plain python implementation of error rate:
preds=[1,1,1,0] #batch size of 4
labels = [0,1,1,0]
corrects = [float(pred == label) for pred,label in zip(preds,labels)] #float(1==0) = 0
error_rate = 1 - sum(corrects)/len(preds) # len(preds) is your batch size



Referring to the suggestion provided yesterday regarding Paperspace from Jeremy