Study group in NYC?

(German Goldszmidt) #62

@mmrshll Can you please post the link to the slack group?


(Mia) #63

Slack Chat

Join here and just join the #nyc channel and we can chat there!


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(German Goldszmidt) #64

@mmrshll . I got:

# This invite link is no longer active.

If you have an email address, you can still [create an account](

If not, please check with the person who shared the invite link with you to ask for an invitation. 

Checking with you what to do…


(Mia) #65


Sorry about that. Try this one: Slack Chat

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(Nidhin) #66

According to this post from Jeremy ,the recordings from the class will be available immediately after the livestream.

Would it make sense to meet the day after the livestream (Oct 23), so we can meet earlier in the evening (after work for most people)?

We might also be able to find places that can host us at that time ?


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(Ryan Rodriguez) #67

Never went to the meetup at Galvanize before, but I’d be interested to join this time around too!

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(Chloe Sultan) #68

+1 i would also like to join!


(Henri Palacci) #69

Hi all - let’s create a new Study Group topic for s3?
I’m also interested in joining a study group - I would also suggest leaving it at 9pm rather than doing a recording.


(German Goldszmidt) #70

Is it the #nyc channel?


(German Goldszmidt) #71

I think both live and after the class (at a convenient time) may make sense.

It probably makes sense for the 1st class to meet in-person (just before the class) and discuss together the options for study-groups, meeting times, etc.

Lets see how many people want to join in person for October 22…



(German Goldszmidt) #72

Yes… I agree that it will be best to watch it together live, at least on the opening class… and then plan for a local study-group.

One of the top-contributors to the fastai library, @sgugger, may be able to join us (on some days), and that would be really great for a study-group too…


(Henri Palacci) #73

Hi all - here’s a link to a new topic for p1s3:

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(Jeremy Demlow) #74

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Is this study group still taking on a member? If so I am new to NYC area and would love to get together with like minded individuals. :slight_smile:


(Henri Palacci) #75

Hey @Jdemlow welcome to the city :slight_smile: meetups for this season are being discussed here !


(Keane) #76

Unfortunately the link only works for those who have signed up for part3. I missed the deadline so I don’t have access to it. Sigh.


(Henri Palacci) #77

oh man, bummer. I would suggest joining the slack group and going to the #NYC channel - meetup is being discussed there as well.


(Jeremy Demlow) #78

@henripal I am in a similar boat as I completely whiffed the sign up for this, but would love to be a part of the community here and study.

So if I join the slack community that will be where everyone is meeting and then I would be able to come?