Study group in NYC?

Hi there,

I’m looking for fellow learners in New York.



I’m in NYC!
But I’m homebound for a while with an ankle injury.

I’m in NYC, would definitely be interested in doing a study group!

Also in nyc.

Also in NYC and happy to meet up also. I’m located in Little Italy & pretty flexible. Any favourite public locations?

I’m asking Galvanize to see if we can borrow some space on Monday night. If anyone wants to get together and knows of any good quiet place to study please voice up


I’m in No.NJ but interested in NYC meetups. There was a AI6 Saturdays thing, but it’s apparently in limbo for now.

NYC here as well! Would love to join a study / discussion group.

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I am also interested in joining a study group.
If we are having trouble finding suitable locations, we could start with virtual meetups initially.

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Hi everyone - So Galvanize is generous enough to offer us a classroom for our weekly session. They will work out the building accessibility thingy tomorrow or so. Stay tuned.


Great idea! I’m also in NYC and would love to join a study group.

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That’s great! Thank you for organizing

That’s fantastic. Thanks so much for the update, will stay tuned!

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NJ here, but interested

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I’m in NYC too. Now I’m homebound for a while to renew my visa, but would love to join a study group!

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I’m also in NYC and up for it (virtual or in person both work).

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What time do we meet? Shall we meet up a bit before? Anyone in for dinner nearby?

Hey guys - Galvanize has not responded to me over the weekend. We should find a second option for this week.

I’m in for dinner!

Diginn close to Galvanize, in case they still respond?

Looks like they’re only open until 9?