Study group in NYC?

(William Horton) #42

Great! I’ll be there, hope to meet some other international fellows tonight!

(Maurice Kroon) #43

Love it! See you there.

Grabbing dinner at 7pm at Just Salad at in case someone wants to join

(William Horton) #44

@maurice I’ll join for dinner as well

(Keane) #45

We have a pretty good setup at Galvanize

(William Horton) #46

Are we meeting at Galvanize again tomorrow?

(Keane) #47

Hey yes

(Akshay) #48

Hello everyone, is this group still active outside this forum? Is anyone joining the V3 starting this month?


Doesn’t appear group is active, but I’m interested in a v3 NYC group.

(German Goldszmidt) #50

Yes… Could we use Galvanize as was done earlier this year?

(Nidhin) #51

@sbc (the host of this week in machine learning podcast) is hosting a virtual study group on Sundays 10:00 AM EST

If we want to meet in person, WeWork makes some of their offices free for meetup organizers.

(German Goldszmidt) #52

Yes, we will like to organize this to meet in NYC.

(Keane) #53

Last time we didn’t have many people, only 3,4. I wasn’t able to dedicate to the class as much as I wanted as well … If we have a decent group this time I’m happy to join.

(Akshay) #54

Personally I have always learned better with groups. And as Jeremy points out there is higher chance of finishing the course with group studies.

So far we have 5-6 interested people. If we can have a descent active group I think that would be of great value to everyone.

(Mia) #55

If you’re all interested, we should form a chat group so we can discuss meeting up before v3 begins!

(William Horton) #56

I’m going to reach out to Galvanize to see if we can use their space again

(Reshama Shaikh) #57

I am interested in joining this time around.
(I was interested with v2 too, but I had ankle issues for a prolonged time, had surgery and am mobile again.)
Looking forward to it, and the space at Galvanize is very nice!

(Keane) #58

@gsg told me he’s getting a room there as well. You guys should sync up if not yet.

(German Goldszmidt) #59

Yes, I got the “in principle” OK for October 22… So lets start planning… :slight_smile:
The course live starts at 9PM, so we could plan to do an earlier meet-up (say 19:30?).
I think the room capacity is 25…

@wdhorton Did you get a room from Galvanize?

(German Goldszmidt) #60

@mmrshll Do you mean a slack group?

(Mia) #61

Yes, we actually have one with AI6 right now that everyone can join, since it’s already active.