New York study group

(Henri Palacci) #1

Let’s organize next week’s study group here!
Any news from Galvanize? Otherwise I could try an see if my co-working space New Lab could accommodate. Only issue is that it’s in Brooklyn (at the Navy Yard).

What do you think ?

Study group in NYC?
Anybody in New York area?
Study group in NYC?
(Henri Palacci) #2

Pinging @gsg @rsr2425 @chloews @mmrshll @wdhorton @sgugger @reshama @knguyen @akschougule !

(Reshama Shaikh) #3

Hello, What’s the closest subway station, and how long is the walk from station to building?

(Henri Palacci) #4

Hi, there’s a couple options - they’re all listed here

(Reshama Shaikh) #5

@wdhorton Any update on Galvanize? I think that’s easier for more folks to get to.

@henripal I used to live in Fort Greene, right on DeKalb Ave, and I love that neighborhood. I’m not strictly opposed to going to Brooklyn. But Manhattan, I think, would be easier for more people. 20 minutes is a long walk (only saying that because of recent ankle surgery) and the bus adds another layer of complication.

P.S. I am coming from W 145th St (and 8th Ave), up in West Harlem.

cc: @npatta01

(Henri Palacci) #6

Agreed - Galvanize or sth else in Manhattan would be better. Just offering in case nothing else pans out!

(German Goldszmidt) #7

@henripal Yes, I think we are OK with the space in Galvanize for the 22.
They told me it can hold 25 people…

(Henri Palacci) #8

Wonderful! Thanks for setting that up!

(William Horton) #9

That’s great! I’m excited to have so many people doing fastai in NYC this time around

(German Goldszmidt) #10

Lets see how many people do show up… :slight_smile:
If you are planing to come on Oct 22 to the live session at Galvanize, please reply with an ack here…
NB: The place can hold only 25…

(Mia) #11

I’ll be there Oct. 22nd!

(Henri Palacci) #12

I’ll be there!

(William Horton) #13

I’ll be there

(Vamsi Uppala) #14

I will be there. Thanks a lot.

(Nidhin) #15

i will be there


Will be there.

(Ryan Rodriguez) #17

I’ll be there!

(Prratek Ramchandani) #18

I’ll be there!

(sai kiran) #19

Hi guys, I’m from Buffalo, NY. Any chance for a skype session?


Sounds good. Is this the 9:30pm session?