New York study group

(Alexander) #21

That would be great. I’m in NJ.

(Chloe Sultan) #22

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

(German Goldszmidt) #23

The class is expected to start at 9:30PM. But I suggest we meet earlier to do introductions, maybe grab some food, etc.

(Rich Horner) #24

Galvanize on Monday? 303 Spring St, yeah?

I’m recovering from surgery but I think I can make it there in person on Monday. Is there a specific room number reserved or something?

Thanks for setting this up!

(German Goldszmidt) #25

Yes, Galvanize at 303 Spring St, New York, NY 10013.
I suggest meeting there at 8PM so we can have introductions, share some experiences, etc.

ALSO, We may (To be confirmed) have a surprise guest, very relevant to Fastai,
that would be very interesting to talk with.

As of now We have the following have confirmed their attendance:@rsr2425 @chloews @mmrshll @wdhorton @reshama @knguyen @akschougule @henripal @mmrshll @vamsiuppala + several more in the next post (can’t list more than 10)

If I missed anyone else who wants to attend let me know. FYI, the room can only hold 25 people.

(German Goldszmidt) #26

In addition to the above, the following also confirmed attendance:
@mechanyx @npatta01 @kaushikreddy @rsr2425 @prratek @danield @chloews @gsg

(Rich Horner) #27

Great. Thank you! I will make my best effort to attend!

(German Goldszmidt) #28

It turns out that Galvanize closes at 10PM, and we need to clear the space.
So, we can only view there the first 30 minutes of the class live.
(I believe) the class would be made available soon after it is recorded.

As a Study group, we can meet and greet, talk about what we are doing, get organized, etc.
and watch together the start of the class.
Some of you would be traveling from far, so this may be good anyway.

I suggest then we meet at Galvanize from 7PM to 10PM on October 22.
Given the change, RSVP…


(Reshama Shaikh) #29

How about we meet sometime between 6 to 8:30? That will give us time to get home and watch the lecture for those of who would like to. (Last time, the beginning of the course lecture was filled with technical difficulties.)

It would be great to meet everyone in person. Is there any hope of getting Galvanize space for a Saturday or Sunday study session?


I’ll be there. I second @reshama’s idea of meeting a little earlier for those who’d like to meet everyone but watch the lecture from home. Thanks for organizing!

(Henri Palacci) #31

My vote would also be for decoupling the lecture from the Meetup. It might be a better use of our time to interact during most of the meetup rather than watch the video.

(German Goldszmidt) #32

Very well, so lets plan to get started on Monday 6:30PM at Galvanize, interact, talk with the special guest, grab something to eat, etc.

Given the new plan, RSVP your attendance.

(Henri Palacci) #33

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

(Gianluca) #34

I’ll be there!

(Reshama Shaikh) #35

I will be there.

(William Horton) #36

I’m in


I’ll be there.

(Guedis) #38

I’ll be there as well, looking forward to meeting you all!

(Akshay) #39

I’ll be there.

(Ryan Rodriguez) #40

I’ll be there.