Recordings for classes

If we are unable to live view one of the courses will a replay be made available for viewing at a later date?


Yes it will.


Good to hear they’ll be available at a later date. Does that mean within the same day/week of streaming, or are you referring to online availability some months later?

In London, the classes start at 2:30am, not the greatest time. With other students here, we were discussing the possibility of recording classes and sharing with the rest of the group. Would that be ok, or should we wait for “official” videos?


In the previous versions of fastai the video links are immediately available on the forum.


Same this time.


I can’t find the recording for the first class. Can someone drop a link?

I guess you can find previously recorded lessons here.

Isn’t this version 2 though? I am asking about the v3.

Oh, sorry, I was thinking that v3 is the one which is going to start on 22nd of October.

It is. I checked my calendar and saw the deadline to enter the private forum and thought i missed the lesson and panicked. Sorry.


Here is the link for the first lesson:

And the policies stated in the FAQs thread on this forum:

  • Video Recordings : Recordings of the lectures will be available immediately after the lesson ends - although we would ask that you really try to join live if at all possible, otherwise you won’t be able to interact during the class
  • Video links : videos should not be shared until the MOOC is officially released in early 2019
  • Blog Posts : Blog posts are welcome and recommended, but they mustn’t include the video until after the MOOC is released next year. Therefore, the blog posts need to stand alone and be useful without the video.

Here’s the link for the edited lesson 1 video.

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FYI We can always find all important links regarding the course and particular lesson in post titled like this.
lesson 1 official resources and updates