Polish translation team thread 🇵🇱

Hi @Blanche @slawekbiel @Michal_w :slight_smile:
Let’s use this thread to coordinate our translation activities.

I’ve split the transcript into 10 min (or so) chunks. Please pick a part you would like to translate. Then we can combine our translations into one file and upload to youtube.

Lesson 1

Time Who Status Comments
0 - 30 miwojc DONE
30 - 40 Michal_w inprogress
40 - 50 miwojc DONE
50 - 60 miwojc DONE
60 - 82 slawekbiel DONE github

Lesson 2 - TBD

Translations of DL and course specific terms:

English Polish Comments
Deep Learning Deep Learning Głębokie uczenie ?
Collaborative Filtering Collaborative Filtering translation needed ?
Jupyter Notebook Jupyter Notebook nazwa własna
REPL REPL translation needed ?
Data Science Data Science translation needed ?
You Wy see also “zobaczcie”, “napiszcie”, “widzicie”, “uczycie”
Prediction Predykcja / Prognoza do we need to choose just one ?
Dataset Zbiór danych
Validation Set Zbiór walidacyjny
Loss function Funkcja kosztu
Boilerplate ???
Software stack ???
Spin a server ???
universal approximation theorem Twierdzenie o uniwersalnej zbieżności
Stochastic Gradient Descent Stochastyczny gradient prosty

Słownik pojęć uczenia maszynowego (thanks @wojtekcz !) :
Angielsko-Polski Słownik ML (Sty 2019).pdf (71.2 KB)

How to translate?

  1. Directly in the youtube editor by ear, rather than from generated text. I feel that makes it easier to capture the essence of what Jeremy is trying to convey rather than word for word translation, though it’s definitely time consuming.
  2. In youtube editor using auto generated and auto translated subtitles.
  3. Using deepl.com/translator

Tip: for everyone that is not interested to see updates on this thread you can mute it.


yes @Michal_w youtube has editor where this can be easily done, i put some screenshots together on how to navigate it: https://miwojc.github.io/blog/2020/03/17/Steps-to-add-translation-to-a-youtube-video.html
let me know if you have any questions?
also if you are ready to start soon? :slight_smile: thanks!

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I’d vote to split it. Translating a whole lesson seems like quite a lot of work. Just at the end someone needs to read through the whole thing to make sure we are consistent with regards to the terminology. We can use the forum here to discuss how to translate the technical terms, to be honest all I read about DL was in English so I have no clue how is it taught in Polish.
Maybe set a github repo to host the text files? Or is that an overkill?


So we have 126 minutes of video to translate: lesson 1: 82 minutes and Covid-19: 44 minutes.

Let’s wait for @Michal_w and @Blanche to reply and we are ready to start! :slight_smile:


Can you use https://www.deepl.com/translator instead of youtube ?. It has very often better results in translations.


Yeah thanks! I checked both deepl and Google translate both support up to 5000 words in one go. We have 100000 words in one video. So if I can get auto translation for whole video at once from YouTube (guess it’s Google translate) I would take it lol.
But I agree deepl is cool!

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Just in case I started from the end, so I’ll take from 1:00:00 to the end

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great! btw if you are available we could also communicate via zoom. it’s open 24hr :slight_smile: let me know!

now we also have autotranslate to Polish in youtube editor (thakns to Hiromi!) :slight_smile:

I’m having really bad flu right now, so I guess I won’t be available for few days sadly. I will let you know when I’m ready for translation (hopefully next week).

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Hope you will get better soon Maria!

Trying it out for the first time - it’s definitely different from Google translate (more times better than worse). Thanks for the tip!

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yeah, i like the way you can change the words in the translated text by clicking on the word and choosing another from the list and it will automatically change the rest of the sentence to mach that word. this is cool i think!

I’m starting from 0:00:00 then :slight_smile:

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I put my part here: https://github.com/slawekslex/fastai_polish_subs

I’ve done directly in the youtube editor by ear, rather than from generated text. I feel that makes it easier to capture the essence of what Jeremy is trying to convey rather than word for word translation, though it’s definitely time consuming.

Some choices I’ve made, feel free to dispute.

  • Terms left in English: Deep Learning, Collaborative Filtering, Jupyter Notebook, REPL, Data Science
  • You - translated as “wy” plural, so also “zobaczcie”, “napiszcie”, “widzicie”, “uczycie”. The idea is that Jeremy is teaching to a classroom rather than an individual.
  • Prediction - “Predykcja”
  • Dataset - “Zbiór danych”
  • Overfitting - “Nadmierne dopasowanie”
  • Validation Set - “Zbiór walidacyjny”
  • Loss function - “Funkcja loss” (not sure at all about this, maybe it should be funkcja straty, anyone here learnt DL in Polish?)

Loss function – probably “funkcja kosztu”
Prediction also might be translated as “prognoza”



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Great job @slawekbiel :+1:
Thanks @Michal_w for the translation suggestions!

The first post (top) is now wiki so please change it or add stuff as you feel. i’ve added your comments to it.

oh, and if you have capacity please continue translating it. to my understanding the goal will be MOOC release, so all 7 lessons to be ready for around June / July?

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I like “funkcja kosztu”, I’ll update my captions.
I’m not sure about prognoza “Model generuje prognozy czy obraz przedstawia psa, czy kota” sounds weird to me.

As for the others, I’d say that there is nothing wrong in leaving English terms where there is no established Polish translation, at least people have something to google for. After all the likely users of the captions are not people who know no English at all. Rather people who are not comfortable with spoken English, but still able to navigate docs, notebooks, etc.


Totally agree better level it is English then make it more difficult :slight_smile:

If you guys are also interested in translating the jupyter files, I created a tool for that: https://github.com/WittmannF/jupyter-translate

It creates a copy of the jupyter file translated using google translate. It can be used as start point for someone reviewing the translation later.

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