Official project group thread

The project group has been migrated to an ongoing Discord group - join here:


Here’s the meeting link:


I’ve added an about & FAQ. Please feel free to edit/correct.


Thanks @init_27!

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Very happy to see that Discord is being used! Although it is still not clear the difference between the purpose of Discord and Skype. It would be nice if someone clarify that in the top of this thread.

Sorry for not clarifying-we’re experimenting with both the platforms rn to see what’s a better option to serve as a “side chat” room in case a few of us want to leave the main zoom call where Jeremy is working and work on our ideas/chat, etc.


thanks @init_27! That’s a good idea! better to validate both in practice!

I added some notes on how to install fastaiv2 locally.


The folks on the Zoom meeting are AWESOME!

First time I’ve ever logged into a remote meeting and felt immediately welcome, and then I got to hear about @radek project for translating human speech into animal sounds! And @arora_aman project for real estate domain. Thanks everyone.


Thank you @JPKab! It was lovely to meet you and @radek ! And yes I agree, such a wonderful community!

I always heard such good things about the community but it’s another feeling to witness it and be a part of it first hand. To get to meet people virtually and instantly feel the positive energy of everyone joining the zoom meeting from various different time zones and geographies - sharing the same objective is just incredible and so powerful for me.

I can already predict that there will so much to learn from everyone and hopefully also contribute a little bit. Really blessed be a part of this.


Had a blast as well :blush:Who knew that that many deep learning nerds exist on planet Earth!? Forums are just text messages that scroll by so it’s a completely different and novel experience to be actually able to talk to people in person, that has definitely a different feel to it :slightly_smiling_face:

The project I am working on is quite amazing, super happy that I get to be a part of the much larger group of people who are working on this :blush: None of this would be possible without Just wanted to highlight that I am but a tiny gear in the larger scheme of things, I didn’t come up with the idea and I work only on a small piece of a much bigger whole :slight_smile:

Here is the paper I mentioned in the chat that completely blew my mind: Word Translation Without Parallel Data

Was great to chat!!! :grin:


For clarification around the Timings FAQ (10am-3pm PT); the idea here is this will be available everyday including weekends right?

I wanted to mention this again before I head off to sleep.

The “virtual” Study groups are just AMAZING, Honestly, all of the amazing and familiar faces made it feel like the classroom that I have known since childhood. (Please excuse the fact that I freaked out-again-when I met Jeremy on the call or that I was super sleep deprived :sweat_smile: ).

It’s barely the first day and I’m all hyped about the groups, I’m quite literally getting together and meeting people from all over the world, face to face, really excited for the next few weeks of learning with everyone. Fastai community again will open a new dimension of learning and bring together everyone. It’s very difficult to express the feeling

Socially Connected, Physically Distant. :pray:
I’ll see everyone tomorrow :smiley:


That sounds really exciting!

Could we consider alternating this slot with another like 2 PM - 7 PM PT?
10 AM - 3 PM PT is the middle of the night in Southeast Asia which makes it very difficult to participate.

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Made a challenge coin to kick off the class with feedback from people on today’s Zoom study group!

You can join pretty much any time. We’ll try to keep it running around the clock. I won’t be around much outside the listed hours though. It’s still running right now BTW! :slight_smile:


Quite a number of us have been on it all day :wink: Though most have now gone to bed (a reasonable decision)

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The discord environment felt very good–but I saw a lot of people “deafened by default” which I think reduces opportunity for spontaneous interactions… I won’t say hi to a room of people that can’t hear me!

Unfortunately, there was significant disparity in gender attendance. As experienced educators, do you have any course-corrective measures that we can implement before the group becomes too established and insular to join? I’m not suggesting conscription, but rather changing the environment to be more inclusive and inviting for women to engage with.


We wondered about that too. @rachel and I haven’t got any particular ideas yet, but if anyone has things they’d like to try, please do! :slight_smile:

@jona, thanks for bringing this up! It was definitely on my mind, too. Two easy things would be to acknowledge those who do join and to allow some space in the conversation for those who will probably be unwilling to interrupt.