Part 1, online study group


Hi everyone! I just started Part 1 and looking for online study buddies to have weekly conversations. Is anyone up? :slightly_smiling_face:

There is now a regular meetup every Saturday from 2 pm to 4 pm GMT. We are all beginners motivating each other to progress through the classes. During the each meetup, one person is responsible for lesson’s recap and everyone else presents own project/progress. We heavily focus on learning by doing projects, explaining things in a simple language and discussions.

:robot: :robot: :robot:The next meetup is scheduled on Jan 18, 2pm GMT. It is dedicated to Lesson 3.


  • Lesson 3 short recap (main concepts, discussion)
  • Projects based on Lesson 3 (it is a good idea to prepare one :grinning:)
  • Other personal projects with fastai library

Link to the call:

Scheduled meetups:
:white_small_square: Feb 15, 2020 :arrow_forward: Lesson 7 @Dionne
:white_small_square: Feb 8, 2020 :arrow_forward: Lesson 6 @shmuhammad
:white_small_square: Feb 1, 2020 :arrow_forward: Lesson 5 @gagan
:white_small_square: Jan 25, 2020 :arrow_forward: Lesson 4 @Tendo
:white_small_square: Jan 18, 2020 :arrow_forward: Lesson 3
:white_check_mark: Jan 11, 2020 :arrow_forward: Lesson 2 @gagan Meeting minutes
:white_check_mark: Jan 4, 2020 Meeting Minutes
:christmas_tree: Dec 28, 2019 Break for holidays
:white_check_mark: Dec 21, 2019 Meeting Minutes
:white_check_mark:Dec 14, 2019 Meeting Minutes
:white_check_mark:Dec 7, 2019
:white_check_mark:Nov 30, 2019
:white_check_mark:Nov 23, 2019
:white_check_mark:Nov 17, 2019
:white_check_mark:Nov 9, 2019

Organisation. This thread is our main communication channel. There is also an open slack channel for discussions regarding the projects and chit chats.

I have not done any project/lesson yet, is it a right meetup for me? Absolutely yes. Just ask a lot of questions during the meetup so you can headstart with classes. Your questions will be welcome by a presenter as well, since we all learn by explaining. Hopefully, you will also get the motivation to start your own project :smiley:

Is it fine if I am a bit behind with lessons? Sure, as during the meetup you will get a glimpse of what is awaiting you in future lessons. Also, we would love to hear your learnings from older lessons or personal projects in the second half of the meetup.

I haven’t done anything this week … Sometimes life just happens. We are here to motivate each other and support, so no blaming and no feeling guilty :slightly_smiling_face:. You can still learn things by participating in discussions :grinning:


General course chat
(Gagan Sharma) #2

Hi! I am interested in the weekly virtual meetups.

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(Javis ) #3

Hi I’m also interested on a weekly virtual meetups

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Definitely in for discussions, what’s the plan?

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Hi guys, I send you a slack invitation :slightly_smiling_face:


(Kyle Nesgood) #6

I could use a refresher on Part 1 - can I get included?

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(Abhijit) #7

I’d like an invite too please. thanks

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(Shaafi Shovon) #8

I’d like to join. Can you please add me in the discussion.

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Hey, I’d like an invite too!

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Great to see so many enthusiastic people! :tada: I sent you a slack invitation.


(Shamsuddeen Muhamamd) #11

Hi, I would love to join the virtual study group too.

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(Dipak) #12

Hi, I would also like to join.

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(Vladimir) #13

Hi, I hope I’m not 2 late. I would also like to join!

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(Kyle Nesgood) #14

Thoughts on having our first meetup be more social/introductions than lesson focus? I’d love to share a pint or non-alcoholic beverage and get to know you all.

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Hi, I’d like an invite too please! Thanks for organising this.



Of course, I sent slack invitation. :slightly_smiling_face: We are planning to have next meetup this Sunday at 10 am GMT.


(Joonas Kalda) #17

Hello, I’d be interested as well!


(Christian Olivo) #18

Hello, I’d be interested to have weekly online meetups! though the time for me this Sunday is at 5 am in my part of the world…



There are a lot of new people this week, so let’s see how it will work. We will be adjusting the timing for future meetups so it will fit everyone. :slightly_smiling_face: Also we are covering several lessons per meetup, including older ones, so it is never late to join. I sent you a slack invitation.



Small update on meetups.

So today we had the meetup and discussed a project for L1, L2 and got an introduction to L3. We talked about the precision and recall, finding a better learning rate, multi-class classification and masking for segmentation.

We also talked about the group project and decided to brainstorm problems during the coming week. As a guideline, we are looking into “UN Sustainable Development Goals” and searching for problems that would benefit our community/humanity The ideas will be discussed in the slack channel. In the next meetup, we will focus on L1, L2, L3/L4 and make a decision regarding a group project.

If you haven’t joined yet, feel free to join. You will not be late and we will cover older lessons :grinning: