[fastpages] Deprecating fastpages in favor of Quarto

Hello :wave: folks. I wanted to let you know about a new development re: fastpages. As you know, we have rebuilt nbdev from the ground up on top of Quarto, a fantastic technical content platform including excellent facilities for blogging.

I know many people use fastpages in the community. I created fastpages because, at the time, there weren’t any good options for blogging with notebooks. Recently, there have been some new pieces of technology like Jupyter Book and Quarto which are both fabulous. We ended up using Quarto for nbdev, because of its shared vision with nbdev and the fantastic ongoing support from JJ Allaire and the rest of the Posit team. More discussion on this topic can be found in this blog post.

Even though I created fastpages, I believe that people trying to blog with notebooks should be using Quarto. I am a believer in recommending the best tools for the job and helping people use those tools where possible. To that end, I have created this migration guide that can help you migrate your fastpages projects to Quarto, along with other Quarto resources that might be helpful.

One of the most central aspects of fastai is writing blog posts and sharing your learnings, as it is an unreasonably effective way to experience career and personal growth. I hope that you all will continue blogging using the wonderful tools Quarto provides. If anything, I believe that Quarto will encourage richer forms of technical communication as it is a rich platform that is capable of so many things even beyond blogging. Thank you


Hello Hamel, thanks for sharing migration guide. I see in step 7, where we have to run nbdev_migrate --path posts, for compatibility with Quarto, the --path argument does not exist.

(fast)  $ nbdev_migrate -h
usage: nbdev_migrate [-h] [--fname FNAME] [--disp] [--stdin] [--no_skip]

Convert all directives and callouts in `fname` from v1 to v2

optional arguments:
  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  --fname FNAME  A notebook name or glob to migrate
  --disp         Print the outputs with newly formatted directives (default: False)
  --stdin        Read notebook from input stream (default: False)
  --no_skip      Do not skip directories beginning with an underscore (default: False)

Therefore instead I tried with nbdev_migrate --fname posts --no_skip, hoping that would work.

install the latest version of nbdev from Github

pip install -U git+https://github.com/fastai/nbdev

@hamelsmu have you created any tutorial on how to start using quarto to create blogs on github pages?

You can read the Quarto docs. I’ve linked to some useful pages in the nbdev docs I shared