[fastpages] Automated Upgrade error: missing 1 required positional argument: 'Loader'

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Hi! Got a question about an error from a previously-working fastpages blog.

I wrote a new nb blog post today (last one was in January 2022) and got an error from the CI Action regarding invalid Liquid syntax from minima, so I triggered the Automated Upgrade action (by opening a new Issue with the Upgrade Template) which failed in 18 seconds, with the error

TypeError: load() missing 1 required positional argument: 'Loader'

Actions link:

The instructions list the following…

Common reasons for receiving an error are:

  • You are up to date, therefore no upgrade is possible. You will see an error that there is “nothing to commit”.
  • You already have a PR from a previous upgrade open that you never merged.

Neither of these apply, and I’m not sure how to fix the missing ‘Loader’ requirement.

Before I resort to Manual Upgrade, I wanted to ask: Are there any (other) suggestions for resolving this error? Thanks!

PS- Here’s the link to the Issue from the Upgrade that got immediately auto-closed due to the error:

" |An error occurred when attempting to open a PR to update fastpages. See the Actions tab of your repo for more details.|"

Hi @drscotthawley fastpages is deprecated (upgrades may no longer work and the project is no longer being maintained. Here is a migration guide I wrote nbdev - Blogging

Hope that helps

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You might also find this post helpful for more context [fastpages] Deprecating fastpages in favor of Quarto

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Thanks @hamelsmu! I will work on that. Thanks as always, for making these tools and guides available.