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Awesome fastpages - a list of resources and examples re: fastpages

User community at Fastai is amazing. Coupled with wonderful course material, Fastai collaborators have come up with the best ML library, amazing literate programming toolkit and now Fastpages , easiest platform to get started with Data Science blogging and long form writing. In my opinion in industrial settings and academic settings, ability to present your work is as important as skill of building model. For a wonderful viewpoint on why you should be blogging read this Fastpages makes this vastly easy. Data scientist in general are good tinkerers and experimenters. Another advantage which Fastpages provide is complete hack ability for all the most important part which anyone from beginner to expert can get into. Additionally, getting feedback / thumbs up for your work is infinitely rewarding. In this spirit I want to start this dedicated thread to share whatever awesome thing you have built / articles you have written using Fastpages. I encourage everyone to share their work / blog links or repositories which other may find interesting you’re useful.

To get started I have found a lot of useful links which I would like to share to give you guys some ideas and inspiration of few amazing resources to show what is possible

Fastpages as a Shareable Thesis

This is the first blog I found from a guy who is using Fastpages to write his papers and thesis . This is where I learned how to do citations solving one of my major requirements. [I posted this question on forum and couple of weeks later this guy had the solution. Amazing how fast open source moves]

Fastpages as a Live Dashboard. - You can use Fastpages machinery not only for blogging but for building semi -real time dashboard. - You cannot only use Fastpages with python but can also integrate d3 visualization.

Information Sharing For Your Enterprise - For some of us, working in the industry comes with a lot of limitation of how we can share information, what technologies are allowed, what licenses are available. This blog gives a lot of useful information on how you can modify the machinery to adopt Fastpages inside your company on top of Kubernetes. I suggest you copy-paste his ideas and claim it as your own :wink: Become the kool hacker guy inside your company

And Don’t Forget, Data Science Blog Posts

This is what fastpages was originally designed for. There are too many examples to list here, but here are some of our favorites. If you have a blog post you want to share, please add it to this list!

Combining HuggingFace and fastai. Shows how to combine HuggingFace with fastai to leverage pre-trained models from the community. - Covid is in everyone’s mind. I wanted to learn about implementation in Indian context and found this blog. - You should blog while learning new things like this guy. You control this stack. You can do whatever you want with it. - I like this blog in general from a beginner to Fastai perspective and documentation of internal Fastai “L” Data Structure in particular - Checkit out FastAI Learners. Video’s are not the only way to learn FastAI - A research blog combining Astronomy and Deep Learning! - A blog about Machine Learning, Optimisation, Software Engineering & Interactive Visualisation. Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile: (check out my post about Particle Swarm Optimisation )

Non-Data Science Blog Posts - This is good blog . I like how the author has used the first few blogs in creating a portfolio of talks and projects.

Migrating from other systems

Migrating from Pelican

Fastpages is based on Jekyll. If you have a pelican blog you can use pelican_to_jekyll script from this blog

Fastpages Extensions

Now for the shameless self-promotion. I wrote a couple of blogs myself about extending fastpages functionality which some people found useful and posted comments and questions. - To enable blogging without git commits using a CMS. And it works from your phone/ tablet. - In case you are an emacs nerd or looking for ways to extend fastpages

You can use fastpages for word document, notebook / markdown to get your ideas out or if you are programmatically inclined and love hacking on tools, you can spend a lot of time without doing real data science.

Therefore, whatever drives you Glory, Swag or Service share your work here :-


I love fastpages as well as the way Howard explains AI. My blog is finally up and running! There’re only two posts for now. I’m hoping to add more soon. :innocent:


Nice! @howard.haowen note that fastAPI is not made by You might want to correct your blog post.

The visitor badge is pretty cool BTW

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Ok, thanks for pointing that out. :grinning:

@hamelsmu Oh, I thought you meant “fastpages is not made by” when I first read your post. But in fact you wrote “fastAPI is not made by”, and I did and do know that. Actually my blog didn’t say or imply fastAPI is made by I think the misunderstanding comes from the syntactic structure of my original sentences. Here’re the original sentences:

I’d like to start with a series of tools that I dub the fast stack , including fastpages , , fastText , and fastAPI . Designed by the team, fastpages is basically a template for creating a blog

Notice that there’s a period right before the past participle “Designed” and that its subject is actually “fastpages” after it, not “fastAPI” before it.

I hope we’re clear now. And thanks for taking a look and making such a wonderful tool!

Thank you so much fastpages team for creating this amazing tool. I really liked using it and find it very productive for blogging. I am an early undergraduate I don’t have any good articles written yet. I worked on customizing the blog and the process of using custom styles and everything is very smooth. Link to my Blog: Machine Learning Blog

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Hello there :wave:

I had briefly tried fastpages about 2 years ago, but never actually spent time to write a good blog post! So I transitioned to the latest version and rebuild a blog, with a first blog post :grin:

Thanks a lot for this tool :pray:

This blog post is actually quite on a topic quite relevant for this community: how to become efficient and accurate at choosing your laptop (with an example for a deep learning laptop as of May 2022) :nerd_face:

If you have some feedback, I would love to hear it!

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How I solved not being able to publish my static site, Fastpages, using Github and Netlify. I hope someone can use it.

Hi, nice to see people using fastpages, nice implementations :slight_smile:
I have created one last year Igor’s blog | fastpages blog about coding, books and technical ideas in general. and had no time to write regularly, and today I wrote 1 more post and run into strange credentials bug with github. Any help is much appreciated:
Update movies · IgorKasianenko/fastpages-igor@8b43d35 · GitHub

[INFO] Usage
Dump inputs
Setup auth token
Prepare publishing assets
Setup Git config
Create a commit
Push the commit or tag
  /usr/bin/git push origin gh-pages Permission denied (publickey).
  fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
  Please make sure you have the correct access rights
  and the repository exists.
  Error: Action failed with "The process '/usr/bin/git' failed with exit code 128"

I have no idea what the problem is, but I see that you posted something today, so did you find the problem?

I started using my blog as a diary where I write what I learned or my thoughts about a project. I will probably post notes I take from classes (I’m making a Colab notebook on my notes on Numpy at the moment).
I use the Hacker theme, not sure if I should keep it or change for something more ‘classic’.
It needs improvements, but it’s a good beginning.
Hopefully, I’ll write tech articles soon!

I didn’t find the solution, I went over FAQ, issues, did github action pull request for update, but nothing worked, so I backed up my posts, index.html and _config.yaml, deleted the repository, created it again and populated posts from backup.

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Thank you everyone for sharing your blogs, I am stuck at a problem that hopefully some or all of you would have solved. Kindly help.

I am not able to enable my blog to be searchable from any search engine (Google, Bing etc,.)

FYI We will be deprecating fastpages soon in favor of Quarto, and will publish a post about migrating from fastpages to Quarto. I should have a post up within the next week.

If you are in the process of creating a new blog, I recommend using Quarto

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Thanks for sharing the latest status, will look forward to update on Quarto.

Here is the information about migrating from fastpages to Quarto