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@Albertotono Design and Deep Learning, discussing about applications in Geometrical Deep Learning in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction space.

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Doing a deep dive of ULMFiT for a Norwegian language classification task.

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Absolutely. I’ve been doing my Walk with fastai2 study group for a few months now, just so long as there is no direct course stuff you should be fine :slight_smile:

Dear @yeldarb I would like to share in my Blog also my journey with fastai.
Let me know if there are specific guidelines to follow?!
Best Regards

Just don’t share anything from the course itself - or if you do, use a private link. But feel free to write your own post that states things in your own words, and do mention that you’re learning from a course that will be publicly available in July.

Thanks for asking! :slight_smile:


@muellerzr @yeldarb @jeremy can we make this post a wiki, so people can here their fastpages blog, or other project, blogs, youtube channels etc in this unique post?

Good idea, see if that worked.


Awesome idea! And I moved walk with fastai2 as a project, I plan on doing a seperate blog series :slight_smile: (and as it’s not quite a blog per say). Though as I say that… you do have me thinking. Lemme try something :wink:

Oh awesome, sorry for the mistake Zach, keep us posted.

All good :slight_smile: Well, the idea was me considering how easy it would be to convert over those notebooks into blog form, but thinking about it I would need some substantial rewrites so I’ll just leave it as a project :slight_smile:

or maybe a book :wink:

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@Albertotono I migrated it over here. As folks will probably be writing many many blog posts, I think the general recommendation is if you’re posting multiple blogs, put them under a branch in your username so it has some structure :slight_smile: (Feel free to edit/format differently if you’re not a fan of it!)


I put a small example on how to construct an autoencoder using V2.
This is a Image2Image model using the DataBlockAPI
It runs on colab, you can view it here
I struggled a little bit, so it may be useful for someone else.


Added the first in a (hopefully) series that does a deep dive on fine_tune. also my excuse to try fastpages, loving it so far!

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Added a second post on some visualizations and sanity checks that have helped me in v2 so far. It is a first-pass list, and I would love to grow it with suggestions from others!

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@clck10 I didn’t see datablock.summary() in there, this is something you should investigate carefully and would be a great addition to the article. I use it always before I even build a DataLoader :wink:

(Also removes much of the boilerplate code for testing the DataLoader you had :slight_smile: )

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Hey Zach! Thank you. Very silly question, but how do I get a data block from the data loaders? I had a datablock.summary() in another project where I used that API, but stripped it away for this example that goes straight to dataloaders.

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Not silly! I had forgotten you were looking solely at the mid-level (and very high level) API and so those are excellent debugging tools :slight_smile: I had brought it up because it looks very similar to how the high level datablock.summary() looked! So you’re on the perfect track :wink:

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Ah gotcha, thanks! You are right though, the datablock.summary() is incredibly useful. Plus writing these with fastpages is actually enjoyable! First time where the publishing medium has made me want to keep going.


It really is such a nice setup and so easy to do. Can’t wait to read more from you :slight_smile:

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Hi all =)
My first blog post, please add to wiki =)

fastai models to torch.jit

This page is really helpful to keep track and cite people work! so we don’t repeat stuff. I have already cited @muellerzr and @arora_aman =)