2023 Study group

Hey everyone,

I’m starting a study group and wanted to invite you to join! The goal is to provide a supportive and collaborative environment to work on our studies and projects together. Studying in a group can be a great way to stay motivated and learn from each other.

The study group will be held online, so you can participate from wherever you are. We’ll meet once a week at a time that works for everyone. During our meetings, we’ll have the opportunity to discuss our work, ask questions, and get feedback from each other.

If you’re interested, let me know and we’ll figure out the details. I’m looking forward to studying with you!



I am interested in a study group. I also saw that someone posted in mid November to start a study group, but I did not see any responses: New Study Group Formation


hey Chris. thanks so much for replying. I’d be glad to merge the two study groups if they ever started. The only problem is that they are in the american time zone while I’m around gmt +5

Hey Pudding,

I am interested in a study group. Let me know your thoughts.


It might help to pick a time if you share what time zone you are in. I am in the Eastern Time Zone (ET).

I’m available to meet:
(All times are ET)

Monday 2:30pm - 4:45pm
Tuesday 1pm - 4:30pm
Wednesday 2:30pm to 9:30pm
Thursday 2:30-5 pm
Friday 2:30-9:30pm
Saturday Noon to 10 pm

I am in CET (Central European). Out of the times you mentioned I am available to meet on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (until 5pm your time), and Saturday. Sunday I am also flexible.

I am interested in this group. Let me join this group.

@Pudding I’d like to join!

Hey @Pudding ,

I don’t know what your schedule looks like or how available you are, but if you want to merge and study in the same group let me know. We pretty much have the same exact people, so it’s just a matter of working things out at this point. I left my discord in your inbox to make communication easier, let me know what you think. Thanks

Hey, Id be happy to join if this is not a problem. I’m currently finishing up chapter 4.


I am interested in joining the study group, I am based in the US on the east coast.

This sounds great! What time zone would this be? The past ones I’ve seen formed that are truly active (on discord) are Australian time zones or EU time zones, looking moreso if anyone in between EST-PST is looking to form a group :slight_smile:

Hi Marth,

How about MST (UTC-7)?

I usually work on AI after work 5-7pm or so, sometimes weekends too.

Hey Pudding, I am interested . For me CEST after from 8-10 pm is ok.

I’m interested, I’m in GMT +3 timezone

I’m interested!

I am in from the UK. Except for late at night, the rest of the timeslots works for me.

+1! I’m in EST.

I am interested. Let’s create a discord channel for the study group.