What the parameters in model.fit means?

I want to reimplement ULMFit to do a classify task.
But I can’t understand what the parameters use_clr=(10,5), cycle_len=15 means. No documents, long video, I don’t know how to find the answer to know the code meaning. Can anyone help me?

which course it mentioned.

Hi. Yes, this is not so clear as the library lacks proper documentation. However, do look out for sgugger’s posts (articles acting as quick documentation) across the forum to learn how to use fastai API like mode.fit, etc. I think the following thread is a good starting point:

which course it mentioned.

Part 2 lesson 13 video, Jeremy did a demo on the new TrainingPhase API implemented by sgugger. Check out the notebook showing examples on how to use the Training Phase API together with 1cycle policy implemented in fastai library and available to the model.fit function as parameters like use_clr, cycle_len, etc.

I have written the following thread (outdated a little bit) if you want to learn more about 1cycle policy, super convergence and a simple guide on how to use these methods (part of fastai library) from our codes:

Even more questions and examples around this topic: