Virtual Study Group (Saturdays, 9 AM PT): TWiMLAI community

Hi everyone,
Meetup location: Online via this Zoom URL
Time: Each Saturday, 9 AM Pacific Time
Duration: 60-90 minutes

Fastai TWiML Study Group Logo!, credits: @miwojc

Details, and how to join
PS: Once you join the slack group, please make sure you join the #fast_ai_dl channel for relevant details on the meetups.

Current Schedule for the review group:
Part 2: Cutting-edge deep learning for coders, v3
Course begins Monday, March 18

More about TWiMLAI Community

This Week in Machine Learning & AI community is the community hosted by Sam Charrington (the creator of the Podcast TWiMLAI)

We’ve been doing weekly meetups for almost the Past 3 months and hosting a study group discussion on Zoom calls. I have enjoyed a lot and it has been a lot of fun to learn with the online community (My city has no fastai fans, I know its very sad to hear).

If you’re interested in joining us, please sign up using the link above. If you’ve been working on something cool, please feel free to present it in the meetups-we’re all nerds and we’ve had a lot of cool ‘mini-presentation’

Who can contribute?

Everyone is welcome to present. If you don’t want to review the complete lessons, you can choose to pick up a small topic for review.

Even though I had the chance of being a speaker on the Anaconda Conference, I’m still not a great presenter. Thanks to the amazing people in the community, @miwojc, @pnvijay, @cwerner, Sam, I have grown much more as a Tech Speaker (If I dare say that).
So if you’re afraid to join, don’t hesitate just jump in!

I started this year with the goal to do 100 presentations, I’ve already done about 15+ hours of so if I can do it, you can do it!-It’s a lot of fun! :smiley:

Call for contributors
  • Feel free to edit this and leave your name ahead of the lesson name, or the meetup date on which you’d like to present.
  • Tag and ping me if you’re interested
  • Just do it! :slight_smile:

Best Regards,
Sanyam Bhutani.


Admins: Could you kindly wiki-fy this so that others can edit it as well.

If you’d like to present, please feel free to edit and add your name against the meetup date or just leave a message here.

Sad. The meeting time is 1:00 AM midnight in Beijing time. Really wish to join.

If you could ask a lot of your friends from Beijing to join, we could request our friends from PT to wake up earlier :smiley:

:joy: Mate, let’s be realistic here. we all know that 9 AM on Saturday is already hell, probably much worse than 1 AM.

Wish you a great success as usual though.

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I’ll do the DL Part 2 Lesson 4 review on April 13.

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Done :slight_smile:


@init_27 I’m seeing only a #general and a #meetup channel inside the slack group. Where might I find the #fast_ai_dl channel? Thanks.

I’ve added you to it :slight_smile:

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is there a virtual group for Asia Time? Would be very interest to join some virtual group, my experience of slack channel has not been great so far.

Now we have a cool poster/logo ready too! :smiley:

Thanks to @miwojc


haha, nice. I’ll try to tune in. :raised_hands:

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Congratulations, Study Group! We made it through Practical Deep Learning for Coders, Part 1v3 in seven weeks! So grateful for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful, vibrant learning environment that we all are creating. Special thanks to Sam Charrington for allowing us to be a part of his TWiMLAI community!
Looking forward to starting fastai Part 2v3 this week!


What Is the state of the group currently? Which lesson are you guys on?

We just reviewed lesson 11 of the Part 2v3 course.