UTC+8 (HK, Singapore, Manila etc) Study Group?

Hi all,

AFAIK, I’m the only one from Manila taking this live online course.

I would love to participate in a study group to reinforce the online lectures.

I started joining the fastai MOOC last year (v3) after it was released to the general public.
If anyone else on the same timezone is interested, please reply to the topic!

Also, you can also propose when and how often we can meet (and what to use to meet online)…

This is my first time to join an online study group, I’m open to suggestions.

Best regards,

Hi Butch, I’d be interested, we could use hangouts or zoom for meetings and slack to communicate?

Hi @marklv,
Yeah, we could use those – there’s also a discord link if you
want to chat first since there’s just two us currently.

sure we can chat on discord first, are you available tomorrow? let me know a good time that works for you

Hi @marklv,

Sorry for not responding sooner, I was busy with other stuff today.

I’m joining an online meeting with some folks from the SF area
see the link here at 930 AM tomorrow our time (630PM PST)

If you’re free at that time, maybe we can “see” each other there? Otherwise,
I’m free all day tomorrow so just chat me up anytime tomorrow…

Best regards,

Hi all,

Reviving this thread for the fastai MOOC participants who want to start a weekly study group for those based on a UTC+8 timezone (Manila, HK, Singapore,etc).

I’m mostly available 6PM and up. Reply in this thread if you’re interested in forming a study group.

Best regards,

Hey I’m interested


Please read these posts as they will help clarify how fastai study groups are usually

Once we have enough (at least 3) people signing up, I think we can discuss what day and time we could meet weekly.

In the meantime, start viewing the videos and/or reading the book!

Best regards,

Hi @butchland,
We have a work group in Shanghai, also on UTC+8. It ran last year on course-v3 and we will soon restart a cycle for course-v4. Pre-covid, we ran the session face to face but always has a zoom session running. Now we run then on zoom only.

Beside the course WG, there are also subgroups focusing on NLP, CV, and Tabular, looking at more advanced topics in these areas, after the course is completed. The sessions are in English.

Ping me or register on https://www.meetup.com/FAST-AI-Study-Group-Shanghai/ and you will be informed of the first session regarding course-v3.

Group still available?

Pinging @Acruz @CSfastai what day and time you want to meet online?
I prefer Mondays and Fridays 6PM myself, but any day after 6pm I can adjust to.

@vtecftwy I joined the meetup group but there’s no upcoming schedule (for the course-v4 videos/book) yet so I’m pinging you here just in case you want to start one.

Also you may want to join the fastai discord chat – people hang out there to watch Jeremy code updates to fastai and socialize a little bit (but also get quicker responses to questions) – the only downside is that they’re usually active pretty early in the morning/ late at night relative to the UTC+8 timezone.

Best regards,

@Acruz @CSfastai,
I also found this in case you prefer a weekend schedule – there’s a new study group hosted by @init_27 starting this Saturday August 29.
It starts 4pm IST which is 630PM UTC+8 so its a good weekend schedule.

Please reply in this thread if you’re interested in joining that (instead of a weekday sched).


@butchland sure, this weekend schedule sounds good to me. Happy to find someone in the same time zone, i am from Malaysia.

Sure joined the group thanks