Tool for deleting files on the Google Image Search page before downloading

(Christoffer Björkskog) #1

With inspiration from the download snippet in the image download notebook, i made a tool that allows you to delete the images before you download them. By running it you can click on the images you want to exclude (or click again to include them again) and they will not appear in the list of urls.

You can find the snippet here.
If you want it to be activated as a button, i made it into a bookmarklet, unfortunately github does not allow js in links, so i added it to my blog instead. You can drag it to your bookmarks bar and press it to activate it on on the search page.

To get the urls, you click the popup and you can copy paste the text.
This tool is not very useful if yo have many classes to process, but for few classes it seems handy.


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(Johannes Lackner) #2

Thank you for that extremely useful tool! Seems to work fine for me (MacOS, Chrome browser).

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(shweta ) #3

this is very useful tool

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(Ignacio Oguiza) #4

Thanks a lot Christoffer for sharing this tool!! I’ve used it and have been able to quickly create my first image dataset :grinning:

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(Dhruv Thakur) #5

This is so so cool. Thanks a lot mate!

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(Bilal) #6

Wow! This is awesome!

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(Brian Smith) #7

Thanks for sharing @melonkernel - a very useful bookmarklet!

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(Azwad Abid) #8

Thank you very much!

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(Mukesh Yadav) #9

Thanks, @melonkernel its a nice tool.

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(Anuj bhai mehta) #10

Thanks! A very usefull tool. :slight_smile:


(Juergen Hess) #11

Awesome. Works in Firefox as well.


(Nivedita) #12

Thank you, this was very handy.


(Alexander Spirin) #13

Nooice! Thanks for the tool, kind of tired of removing already downloaded images.