Studying In South Bay

We are a study group that currently has 5 members attending.
Time: Mondays 6-9pm
Temporary location for this week: Chromatic Coffee
Location: 610 E Weddell Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089.

We meet in the co-working room by the front of the building. We normally sit in the meeting room so if you don’t see us just give me a call. The co-working space also has free coffee and cocoa. You are also welcome to bring food if you need to but just be sure to be tidy as it is a community space for everyone in the apartment complex.

There is guest parking in the garage and if that is full there is some space for street parking.

Use the front door of the apartment complex with this virtual key for the intercom system(press the virtual key on the intercom and then hold up the QR code) -

If you are having trouble getting in to the meeting room please call or text
Peter Kaiser 952-250-4121

If you have any other concerns, or as backup:
Molly Beavers 919-341-9076

A special thanks to Peter Kaiser for hosting the meeting!


Hello Molly, I live in Sunnyvale and I am interested in Studying some where in the South Bay.

Feel free to join tomorrow.

Great idea, I will join if I can. I’d attended Part 1 and Part 2 in 2018.
Some of us met occasionally in South Bay during the previous course.

might not join today… but definitely try to meet for future discussion. Can we meet at some library e.g. Sunnyvale public library. Sometime if we get a room it is quiter to discuss ideas.

Depending on interest we can revisit the location. My philosophy is: “premature optimization is the root of all evil”


Would love to have you! Thanks for the link to the previous cohort’s schedule.

I am at the long (short) table behind that the baristas. There is power underneath this table.

:+1: should be there around 6

As people left early(prior engagements). I am leaving early as well. Thanks for all that came!

I reached this thread late. But I’ll be interested in joining if there’s another meet up again.

@apparle I will be at the same place, at the same time this week.

@rsrivastava @apparle @beecoder Studying at the same place this week. (Thursday)

Thanks @marii I am not driving these days if you plan to meet some where in Sunnyvale I would like to join.

@marii this week might not come tomorrow busy

I’ve a conflicting meeting tomorrow, so I’ll have to skip this week as well :frowning:

Running a little late

Here now

Will this be a regular study group meeting every week?

Hey just wondering if the study group is still doing a weekly meet up? What day of the week is the meet up? Also where do people currently meeting? And finally is it still 6-9pm?

@marii @rsrivastava @apparle @beecoder

I’m located in Sunnyvale. My apartment complex has a co-working space that is free to use and is quite large and can accommodate at least 20 people. If that is of any interested let me know and I can share the address. There is also lots of guest parking available and free coffee/hot coco.