South Bay Weekend / Evening Study Groups?

Hello: I work in the South Bay M-F so I am interested in getting together with some folks to do a weekend and/or evenings study group.

Some towns where we could meet : Mountainview, Cupertino, San Jose.

I’m in San Fran Mondays, but have to work until 5.

Let me know your thoughts!


Hi, I am from South bay as well, I should be able to join from Week2 on a regular basis for a study group.

Cool. Let’s see if we can get a critical mass.

I live in south bay (campbell). Im in too.

I live in San Jose, I am interested

I’m in Santa Cruz and can come over the hill most evenings / weekends!

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I live in east bay and can drive to South bay for study group on -
Tuesday / Wednesday evening or Saturday evening or Sunday any time

Looks like there are quite a few folks. I’m interested too.
Maybe someone can book a room on and see how it goes!

FWIW a couple of us planned to meet up this Thu evening in Santa Clara. The room is for 4 but its a library so we can spill over. (See Santa Clara Group Study tomorrow)

I’m in South Bay as well. If it works out, I would be really interested in meeting up as well. Tuesday evening would work for me and some Saturday/Sunday evenings may work for me as well.

Let’s use Fastai study group for arranging meetings to reduce noise on the board - and actually it seems to be more convenient to check how many peoples are coming.

Great idea !
I am interested as well…

I am interested as well. santa clara/san jose. How about weekends?

Probably cannot make it due to a prior commitment. However maybe next week. I will look into options for San Jose.

For your convenience, I filled Fastai study group with your id & availability.
So far only two signed up for Thursday meeting.
You can just book a library or some conference room(just a quiet cafe should be okay) and add it to the spreadsheet. I think there are enough people to have study meeting everyday :slight_smile:


@johnyrufus16 @Deb @jamsheer @danielhunter @pandeyanil @beecoder @kmatsuda @sjcho @whyrv I have booked a room at the San Jose Willow Glen Library Branch on 3/24 (Sat) from 3-4 pm. It may be possible to book more time, but I am limited to 1 hour at a time. I.e. we need two people to coordinate if we wanted it from 3-5, 3 people from 3-6.

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I also live in San Jose, please add me. see you on Saturday

Room seats 12. We will see who shows!

Thank you Mike. Saturdays are somewhat tight for me. But I’ll try my best to attend as many. Is sunday afternoon ok? Also library on Sunday may be less busy. any thoughts?

@Deb thanks for feedback. If Saturday turns out not to work, we can move day to Sunday. Currently room is reserved. We will see who shows up.

@fmichaelkunz Thanks for setting that up! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it this week due to kids’ schedules, but I hope make it to some future ones.