Santa Clara Group Study tomorrow

Hey folks
If anyone from South Bay is interested to discuss course material/Assignments etc, feel free to join.
I’ll be around at the Santa Clara public library tomorrow and thought I’d set up a conference room just in case.

Agenda: Delve into the Fastai library packages ( or whatever you want to work on :slight_smile: )

Sat, Dec 9, 2017, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Room Name: Group Study 4
at Northside Branch Library
695 Moreland Way, Santa Clara, CA, 95054

PS: If there’s more interest in something like this, it could be made recurring. You can use to book rooms in one of the many public libraries/HackerDojo etc.

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Saturdays are really tight for me with Kids related activities. But totally open to meet on Sundays. Few other places that could be good to meet and continue learning in South Bay - (Palo Alto)

Sundays would be good ideally. Northside library’s closed on Sundays and it’s the closest to me :wink:
Could see if Sundays MtnView is an option, there are a few people in that area I believe.

hey guys… I am south bay and northside library is perfect for me as well… is there any other meetings setup?

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Hi Garima, great. I’ll be returning to bay area in two weeks and can drop by the library then. A couple others may be interested, lets see!

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Hey folks, In case anyone from SouthBay wants to have a group study this Saturday, you can join here. Let me know, thanks!

Sat, Feb 3rd, 2 pm - 4 pm
Room Name: Group Study 2
at Northside Branch Library
695 Moreland Way, Santa Clara, CA, 95054


Great to see local study group. Can’t make it on this Saturday, but will join sometime in the next few weeks.

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I plan to be there. Thanks for organizing!

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For folks who are in South Bay and available on Saturdays. Feel free to join if you’re around.

Agenda: Sync up/clear doubts
Sat, Feb 10, 2018 from 4:00 PM to 5:45 PM
Group Study 1 at Northside Branch Library
695 Moreland Way, Santa Clara, CA, 95054

Hey Nikhil - Any interest in doing the Study group on Sunday or one of the weekdays from 7-9pm in Mountain View (Preferably) or San Jose?

Hi Ramesh. I’ve not been regular with the group study but weekday evening Mtn View may be good. Maybe catch up informally and see if there is interest. Areyou doing the Part2 in person?

I’m doing part 2 in person – definitely interested in study groups!

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Awesome. Would be great if you can also put your preferred Location / times for the study groups so we can pick a time / place that works for most people.

I’m also doing part2 in person. I’m okay with most weekends(except 3/24) and weekday except every Wednesday. I prefer Mountain View, but okay with neighboring cities.

I’m in Santa Cruz, but I’m happy to travel over the hill to SJ or MV. Any day but Tu/We/Th is good for me.

Looks like Sunday Mountain View works for most of us here, perhaps we can start with that?
I’m free this Sunday any time. @ramesh maybe try Hanahaus as you suggested before?

Yes, Hanahaus ( is a great location. Sunday Afternoon 2pm? It’s got a huge parking lot in the backside and an Garage across the street that’s also free.

Sure works for me!

@ramesh Thanks for organizing! See you this Sunday.

Awesome Guys. See you all on Sunday 2pm