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UTC-6 Study Groups


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@hiromi - it’s a good idea to at-mention me on things that require my personal attention.


Thank you so much!! :smiley:

I would be interested in setting up a study group in Kansas City if there are others taking the course in the area.

Can you add our study group to the wiki?

Is the top post not editable by everybody? If not, it should be so that more and more study groups can be added and the information is always up-to-date :slight_smile:

Post #2 is editable:

The first post is not.

Ohhhhh. I did say β€œthis post” so that post is wikified. Let me see if I can do something.

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@jeremy, I’m sorry, I messed up. Could you make the very first post of this topic wikified?

Thank you!

Jeremy may be a bit swamped getting ready for class tonight, but as an alternative you could move the list to the wikified comment.


I like that idea :slight_smile: How does this look?

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Looks good. Thanks.

Anyone interested in forming one in Austin, TX?

Anyone in College Station, TX?

Here in Minneapolis/Saint Paul MN. Lets connect for study group!

San Antonio, TX

I would be interested in an Austin study group!

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Hi, Anyone in North Dakota?

Hi Robbie, I just created a group for Austin, TX, see UTC-6 Central list of study groups, we can coordinate.