Houston Area Study Group

A few people at my work are taking this course. Anyone else interested?

Hi! Iā€™m on the west side and interested in a study group. Edit: My time is a bit constrained until the fourth class, so virtual would be preferable over in-person.

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Here in Houston. A study group here would be great.

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Hey! I was wondering if this group ever happened. Iā€™m just working my way through the course and would love to find a study group.

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me too :wink:

I am just getting started with this course as well. It looks like several of us are posting here within a couple weeks of each other. Should we just start a group?

A virtual group would be great! A Slack Channel would good too!

Iā€™m hiring someone with fast.ai experience in the Houston area
Contract initially and the maybe permanent
Python development and deep learning with NLP
We are just starting
You will have great chance to do this from scratch
Message me if you are interested