Study Groups πŸ“–

(Ariel GamiΓ±o) #21

Hi Robbie, I just created a group for Austin, TX, see UTC-6 Central list of study groups, we can coordinate.

(Xiao Nan) #22

Anyone in UTC+8 China / SE Asia?
Or particularly a Singapore study group?

(Mat M) #23

@hiromi I would be interested in joining your group virtually. I’m in Kansas City.

(Naresh) #24

I am from Bentonville, Arkansas which shares the same timezone. I would like to connect to the Virtual Study group.

(Gurudev Ilangovan) #25

Hey! Nice to have company!

(Scott H Hawley) #26

Hi from Nashville!

(Hiromi Suenaga) #27

Ok! We haven’t done virtual study group before so we’ll need to figure out the logistics, but the more the merrier :slight_smile:

(Mat M) #28

Awesome! If it’s too much of a burden getting the virtual thing set up, let me know and I’ll try and figure something else out.

(Hiromi Suenaga) #29

Burden?? No such thing! It’s nice having lots of study buddies :slight_smile: