Study Groups πŸ“–

(Hiromi Suenaga) #1

Here is a list of study groups (both local and virtual) for UTC-6 area :slight_smile:

(Hiromi Suenaga) #2

UTC-6 Study Groups

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Pinned and wikified.

@hiromi - it’s a good idea to at-mention me on things that require my personal attention.

(Hiromi Suenaga) #5

Thank you so much!! :smiley:

(Mat M) #6

I would be interested in setting up a study group in Kansas City if there are others taking the course in the area.

(Aaron) #7

Can you add our study group to the wiki?

(Hiromi Suenaga) #8

Is the top post not editable by everybody? If not, it should be so that more and more study groups can be added and the information is always up-to-date :slight_smile:

(Aaron) #9

Post #2 is editable:

The first post is not.

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Ohhhhh. I did say β€œthis post” so that post is wikified. Let me see if I can do something.

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@jeremy, I’m sorry, I messed up. Could you make the very first post of this topic wikified?

Thank you!


Jeremy may be a bit swamped getting ready for class tonight, but as an alternative you could move the list to the wikified comment.

(Hiromi Suenaga) #13

I like that idea :slight_smile: How does this look?

(Aaron) #14

Looks good. Thanks.

(Ariel GamiΓ±o) #15

Anyone interested in forming one in Austin, TX?

(Dwarkanath Prabhu) #16

Anyone in College Station, TX?

(Joe H) #17

Here in Minneapolis/Saint Paul MN. Lets connect for study group!

(Kal) #18

San Antonio, TX

(Robbie Zuazua) #19

I would be interested in an Austin study group!

(Gerry Wolfe) #20

Hi, Anyone in North Dakota?