Study Group Sessions

(Matthew Kleinsmith) #41

Yeah, same spot.

(Matthew Kleinsmith) #42

We have room 514 reserved from 1 - 5 PM.

(Alon Burg) #44

One of the tools I like to use in order to prevent disconnects when switching between networks is Mosh which is similar to SSH but prevents disconnects.

(Cody) #45

A little early, but would anyone be interested in doing a study group in either SF or East Bay on Tuesday or Wednesday night? (I’m pretty flexible with location due to working in SF and living in Oakland, and will be doing classwork both of those nights anyway). I’m thinking ~6-9:30pm.

(Matthew Kleinsmith) #46

I’m down. Both nights work for me. I’d prefer the East Bay but I’m willing to meet in SF, too.

(Mariya) #47

I’m down to do study group either Tues / Wed this week (03/21 or 03/22) during daytime hours. Prefer reserving a room at USF downtown b/c it’s quiet plus we get nice whiteboards.

(Cody) #48

Assume you mean USF?

(Mariya) #49

Yes, I fixed it :smiley:

(Michael Guia) #50

Tuesday at 2pm worked out pretty well

(janardhanp22) #51

Hi Matthew,
I am interested in the study sessions and stay in walnut creek as well. Pls do let me know

(melissa.fabros) #52

Just checking if anyone is around 101 Howard around to review material.

(David Woo) #53

anyone planning to reach 101 howard early before class? would love to discuss with others about their experiments/experiences with the DCGAN notebooks.

(Michael Guia) #54

I’ll be there early as well

(melissa.fabros) #55

I’m on 5th floor of 101 howard now. I’d like to see how you’re running the notebooks.

(David Woo) #56

Sounds good. I’m heading to the building right now. will look out for you on the 5th floor. I havent been to the 5th floor yet, is it a particular room there?

(David Woo) #57

sounds good. see you there!

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #58

There’s a big open area - hard to miss! :slight_smile:

(melissa.fabros) #59

i’m in the open study tables, but planning to get a sandwich and head to classroom. i can wait if you’re coming up. at the table with an orange backpack.

(David Woo) #60

thank you!

(David Woo) #61

Is anyone doing study group this week? I can meet in the evenings in SF or Berkeley.