Study Group Sessions

(Mariya) #62

@dzhwoo - I can do Thurs evening if you do study group that night.

(David Woo) #63

@mariya would like to this thursday but have something this thursday. i can prob do tues or thurs for next week if that works.

(Mariya) #64

Are you only available in the evenings for study group? Tuesdays are my favorite days for study group. Personally prefer to review the material the day after class, before I forget everything Jeremy said :stuck_out_tongue:

(Cody) #65

Who all is planning/interested in meeting up to study over the weekend? I am particularly interested in Sunday morning or Saturday morning (i.e. before 1 each day)

(David Woo) #66

Hi that’s a good idea while it’s still fresh. What time on Tuesdays can you do?

(Mariya) #67

Mindi reserved a room from 1-5 PM at 101 Howard on Tuesday. Does that work or can you only do evening?

(Brendan Fortuner) #68

@Matthew and I will be on the 5th floor today starting around 12 or 1. We have a room booked.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #69

@brendan @Matthew just got here and seems 5th floor is largely blocked off for a meeting of the board of governors. So Mindi has booked room 450 for us. I’m heading down there soon. You’ll need your card to get into this part of the building. Ping me if you get stuck.

(David Woo) #70

Hey… Yea I can only do evenings for now unfortunately.

(Mariya) #71

Room 153 is available tomorrow, Tuesday, March 28th, for anyone who wants to do study group then.

(melissa.fabros) #72

@dzhwoo any interest in meeting up in Berkeley after work to study tonight? or another time this week? Can meetup in Berkeley if that helps.

(David Woo) #73

@melissa.fabros would love to! Does Thursday evening work? I can do 7 onwards.

(Brendan Fortuner) #74

Anyone planning to be at 101 Howard today?

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #75

I’ll be there!

(Brendan Fortuner) #76

Sweet. If you’re working on tiramisu I’d love to look over your shoulder. I also have some questions about GANs :slight_smile:

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #77

I am indeed. Also working through the taxi prediction problem that @bckenstler has been working on - would love another pair of eyes on both.

I’ll be heading in soon.

(melissa.fabros) #78

Are people meeting on the 5th floor today? Took a look around and don’t recognize anyone so far.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #79

We’re in my office (far right side of 5th floor).

(Himalayas) #80

Missed this earlier but will certainly attend the study group around the peninsula if they are being held. SC/PA/SM will be great.