Study Group Sessions

Thread to organize study groups on and off campus

Study group this Friday noon-5pm, at USF 101 Howard, 5th floor, main open study area.


Any one up for study groups mid peninsula? Around San Carlos/ San Mateo?


I’m in, either SM or SC is fine.

When connecting through USF wifi I seem to be getting intermittently disconnected from my AWS AMI which sometimes causes the Jupyter Notebook kernel to die… Does anyone else experience this? Is there a way to have the kernel/memory preserved even when the ssh connection dies?


you can try the nohup (no hangup) unix command? I’ve found that useful sometimes.

If you make sure that you always run jupyter notebook from inside a tmux session, you should be fine even if ssh disconnects.


For next sessions, anyone in Palo alto or south bay area for study groups?

Adding a copy of a message from another thread:

Ok, I managed to block a meeting room in San Carlos library for the following days. Folks, who live in mid peninsula or south bay and available during that time, please join by:
Week 2: Wednesday(3/8) 1:30-3pm
Week 3: Tuesday(3/14) 4-6pm
Week 4: Tuesday(3/21) 3-5pm

@anamariapopescug @nzaker @mr.sarno2


And of course, anyone who can drive down :slight_smile: @brendan and @Matthew

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Is anyone planning to be at 101 Howard before class starts tonight?

Yeah, I will be.

I’m free Tuesday for USF. Any time after 1 PM works for me.

I’m on 5th floor now. Will head to classroom around 5.30

@brendan - You’re so sweet for cross-posting this for me!

I will come earlier as well.

Can we check how many people can join? and have a head count? if we are only 2 ppl, then we can consider other places (like inside companies) with project room+skype

Sravya, thanks for booking it. I won’t be able to make it tomorrow, sorry.
Next week looks a bit easier, because it is not so early.
In weekdays I find it difficult to meet before 6:00pm

@nzaker I think it is just both of us this week Afaik, that is if you are planning to join. Let me know.

@sravya8 cannot join this week. however, we can think about skype meeting and share desktop for next weeks which is more convenient