Study Group Sessions

(Brendan Fortuner) #1

Thread to organize study groups on and off campus

Study group on Tuesday, 03/07, in SF for Lesson 9
(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #2

Study group this Friday noon-5pm, at USF 101 Howard, 5th floor, main open study area.

(sravya8) #3

Any one up for study groups mid peninsula? Around San Carlos/ San Mateo?

(learner) #4

I’m in, either SM or SC is fine.

(Vincent Marron) #5

When connecting through USF wifi I seem to be getting intermittently disconnected from my AWS AMI which sometimes causes the Jupyter Notebook kernel to die… Does anyone else experience this? Is there a way to have the kernel/memory preserved even when the ssh connection dies?


(melissa.fabros) #6

you can try the nohup (no hangup) unix command? I’ve found that useful sometimes.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #7

If you make sure that you always run jupyter notebook from inside a tmux session, you should be fine even if ssh disconnects.

(nazanin) #8

For next sessions, anyone in Palo alto or south bay area for study groups?

(Brendan Fortuner) #9

Adding a copy of a message from another thread:

(sravya8) #10

Ok, I managed to block a meeting room in San Carlos library for the following days. Folks, who live in mid peninsula or south bay and available during that time, please join by:
Week 2: Wednesday(3/8) 1:30-3pm
Week 3: Tuesday(3/14) 4-6pm
Week 4: Tuesday(3/21) 3-5pm

@anamariapopescug @nzaker @mr.sarno2

(sravya8) #11

And of course, anyone who can drive down :slight_smile: @brendan and @Matthew

(melissa.fabros) #12

Is anyone planning to be at 101 Howard before class starts tonight?

(Matthew Kleinsmith) #13

Yeah, I will be.

I’m free Tuesday for USF. Any time after 1 PM works for me.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #14

I’m on 5th floor now. Will head to classroom around 5.30

(Mariya) #15

@brendan - You’re so sweet for cross-posting this for me!

(nazanin) #16

I will come earlier as well.

(nazanin) #17

Can we check how many people can join? and have a head count? if we are only 2 ppl, then we can consider other places (like inside companies) with project room+skype

(learner) #18

Sravya, thanks for booking it. I won’t be able to make it tomorrow, sorry.
Next week looks a bit easier, because it is not so early.
In weekdays I find it difficult to meet before 6:00pm

(sravya8) #19

@nzaker I think it is just both of us this week Afaik, that is if you are planning to join. Let me know.

(nazanin) #20

@sravya8 cannot join this week. however, we can think about skype meeting and share desktop for next weeks which is more convenient