Study Group Sessions

(Vincent Marron) #21

I might have missed this being mentioned in class on Monday but does anybody know if Jeremy will be holding study hours tomorrow as well @ noon-5pm, at USF 101 Howard, 5th floor ?


(Brendan Fortuner) #22

I’m not sure, but Matthew and I plan to be there perhaps around 1 or 2

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #23

Yes I will! Looking forward to seeing you folks there :slight_smile:

(Matthew Kleinsmith) #24

I’m here. White shirt, brown hair, blank gray laptop, blue water bottle. Feel free to grab my attention. I’m open to discuss any deep learning topic.

(Brendan Fortuner) #25

So you’re saying you look like your photo?

See you soon.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #26

I’m here too!

(Brendan Fortuner) #27

Mindi just booked us room 157 until 6pm, so we will be down there!

Room 157!

(Matthew Kleinsmith) #28

There was a booking collision. We’re on the fifth floor again, in study room 518.

(Matthew Kleinsmith) #29

Does anyone want to study in the East Bay on Thursday? Any time works for me.

I live in Walnut Creek. We could meet at Au Coquelet in Berkeley or another cafe near Downtown Berkeley BART.


(sara.hooker13) #30

Hi Matthew, I would only be able to join late after work (7pm). I am working from home on Friday so I am more flexible to do an afternoon session, and happy to meet at Au Coquelet. :slight_smile:


Planning a study group in Palo Alto later today (15th Mar) around 7pm

(Matthew Kleinsmith) #32


7 PM tomorrow at Au Coquelet works for me.

I’ll be at the USF study group on Friday.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #33

Me too…

(David Woo) #34

Hi Matthew,

Sure would love to form a study group today. Seems like you guys are meeting up. Is it 7pm today ( Thursday) at Au Coquelet?


(Matthew Kleinsmith) #35

Hey David, yeah I’ll be at Au Coquelet at 7 PM tonight.

(David Woo) #36

Sounds good. I’ll be there. Thanks!

(melissa.fabros) #37

@Matthew or @dzhwoo if either of you available to meet before 7pm I’d be down to go through the latest notebooks or through some papers. I actually work at night on Tues/Thursday so have to head to the city by 5 to teach

(David Woo) #38

Hi Melissa,

Would like to but can’t today. Sorry about that. I work in the city and end work around 6pm and commute back to east bay.


(Michael Guia) #39

Au Coquelet sounds good. I’ve considered some of the modifications to the WGAN that we spoke about last time. Hope to have something ready to share by tonight.

(Jonathan Pollack) #40

I’m planning to come by tomorrow too. Is it at the usual time and spot? noon-5pm at 101 Howard 5th floor?