Remote NLP Study Group meets Saturdays at 8 AM PST, starting 12/14/2019

:sunny: Come and learn NLP with our Remote Study Group! :sunny:

We plan to systematically progress through the course videos and notebooks of

A Code-First Introduction to Natural Language Processing 2019

a course created by @rachel Rachel Thomas, Director of the University of San Francisco Center for Applied Data Ethics and a founder of fastai

We’ll meet on Saturdays 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM PST, beginning on 12/14/2019. Start time in other time zones: 11:00 AM EST, 5:00 PM CET, 9:30 PM IST

Join the meetup on Zoom at the above date & time

We’ll use this Forum thread for discussions related to the course materials, and for meeting announcements.

For other announcements, and administrative matters (such as polls), we’ll use the #fast_ai_nlp channel on the TWiML x Slack Group, courtesy of Sam Charrington. To get an invitation to join the Slack Group, sign up here.

For reference, here are the important URLs for this course


Really looking forward to this Joseph.

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hi @jcatanza, should people watch and try to understand the first week before the meetup?

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Not necessary, but I won’t discourage you!

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Will it be recorded and published for later watch?

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Hi @chansung18! Yes, that is the plan.


Hi all! Thanks for the initiative, sounds great. I’ll be joining from Madrid, Spain.


Hello everyone, I am glad to be here. Hoping to learn great things. With love from Nigeria :nigeria:.

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Welcome @vitojph and @Mamukuyomi! Glad to have you both along!

Hello, everyone. I am glad to be here… I am highly interested about NLP and wand to build my career in this field

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Welcome, @Rajib you’ve come to the right place. Glad to have you here with us!

Great initiative, Thanks for this. I will be excited to dive into NLP…

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Good to have you onboard, @ksasi!

I have never been able to really use the TPUs. Do we have to change anything in the code to make it run? Enabling it in google colab doesn’t work - I get a CPU like setup.

I don’t think PyTorch works with TPUs yet, although they are working on it…

Very excited to join the group and learn

Welcome, @sivanagaraju, great to have you onboard!

I cannot join the meeting using the link provided. Message: The host is having another meeting. I might be doing something wrong. Grateful if someone could help. Thank you

looks like it starts next week :blush:

Thanks ozipete.
I do apologies for this. I mistakenly insert it the wrong date in my calendar.


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