[Project] Stanford-Cars with fastai v1

(Morgan McGuire) #1

First notebook in a series on image classification for the Stanford-Cars data using the fastai v1 library.

Goal is 90%+ accuracy, I’m at 84.95% with this basic version, without any fancy tuning at all!

Amazing to see how small the differences between car models are that the model gets confused by.

Would love to hear any thoughts, questions or feedback!


Hi Morgan!

I also made my first notebook on the Stanford-Cars dataset after watching lesson 1. I got the accuracy around 85% too.

If you can share the updated link for your notebook, I would really appreciate it. Currently, the link you shared is broken and shows 404 error.

(Morgan McGuire) #3

thanks @gabriel_chen for pointing that out, I fixed the link in the original post, here it is again:


Would love to hear how you’re doing on it, I’m up to 88%, still a bit far from my goal of 90+%!

(Morgan McGuire) #4

Latest results for Stanford Cars image classification up to 89% using Mixup

Slowly getting to that 90%+ goal! :smiley:

(Charm) #5

nice work, I learned a lot here