Pretrain & Finetune MLM with fastai 4: warm&decay lr shedule + discriminative lr

We follow the hyperparamter of ELECTRA paper (Table 7), and its official implemenation of linear warm up and decay, to train the MRPC dataset.



  • One cycle seems (didn’t run many times) to perform very similarly, with the same learning rate’s’ under default setting (pct_start…).
  • According to the lr schedule of official implementaion , it is not two phase lr shedule, but do both warmup and decay at the same time. My understanding is it is equal to this
lr = (lr-end_lr)*(1-step/total_steps)**1 + end_lr
lr = lr * min(1.0, step/total_warmup_steps)

so warm up has no effect after warming up, decay has little effect in the early phase. If you know some tensorflow, please correct me if I am wrong !!

“Pretrain MLM and fintune on GLUE with fastai”

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Also follow my twitter Richard Wang for updates of this series. In the end of series, we’ll try to reproduce the result of ELECTRA from scratch with fastai.

(Spoiler alert: multi task training are on their way !!)

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  • To train not only mrpc, I create a helper get_glue_learner.
    So we can do get_glue_learner(electra_config, <task_name>)

  • I switch from Colab to using vscode connects to our lab server, and jupyter notebook in vscode can’t display pretty training sheet, so I add with learn.no_logging(), which you should remove it if you’re not using vscode.