NLP Deep Dive

Hi guys! Hope you’re all safe and doing well :slight_smile:.

After lecture 8 of this year’s course, I have wanted to do a deep dive into the application of natural language processing. Applications in NLP like text classification, language translation, abstractive summarization, and question answering seem really appealing and something I would love to do!

So for the past week or so I have tried to build a study schedule by collecting all the best resources and was hoping to get the input from you guys on things worth looking into. This is what I have come up with till now!


→ Fastai V4 Part 1 NLP Lesson:

→ Fastbook:

→ Fastai NLP Course:

Video Playlist

GitHub Repo

Research Papers:

  1. ULMFiT
  2. MultiFiT
  4. Attention is all you need
  5. BERT

Blog Posts and Videos:


Application specific:


Maybe others who are interested in doing an NLP deep dive as well could follow along and we could start a study group for the same! :slight_smile:


Wiki-fied the post if people would like to contribute! :slight_smile:

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there is an NLP course by Rachel do you have any idea about it. i did’t find the category for that.

@Aamir It’s already there! :slight_smile:

Wiki Update on Hugdatafast.

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