Name 'download_url' is not defined

Can someone help me why i am getting this error. I am calling this via

import fastbook
from fastbook import *
from import *

Check this out


Yes it worked after that but i now got stuck in some other issue check these images.

How can it go more than 100 % and why i am getting none type not iterable here as we are inserting images, so it should iterate

Not exactly sure what’s going on here, i do see that you used the image path instead of a directory for download though. Have you checked your downloaded images (manually?).

Alternatively, you can use the download script I made for the 02_production notebook (bear classification), which you run in a terminal.

I’ve had the same experience myself and I solved it by not using the Azure Bing api. Instead, I used duckduckgo api. Here’s the link to my past question. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to fix the issue and couldn’t use the notebook of fastbook lesson 2, even though there were people trying to help me.

Here’s the link for the duckduckgo api tutorial based on the notebook of lesson2 I used. Simply substitute the image downloading part with duckduckgo api and you should be good to go.