Looking for Youtube videos for fastai practical machine learning course

(babalu) #1

I’m looking for a link to the Youtube videos for the “Practical ML” course.

I have been able to dig up some unlisted videos, but I’m wondering where I can find the complete training series.

(Sharwon Pius) #2

Deep Learning, Linear Algebra & Machine Learning.

(babalu) #3

Yes, thanks you. I’m aware of Deep Learning P1 & P2 course content & videos.
I’m wondering where the videos are for this course https://github.com/fastai/fastai/tree/master/courses/ml1

(Atikur) #4

You will find ML course videos in this post.

(babalu) #5

Thank you, I’ve found the advice in these videos really helpful even after years of practice.

I’ve created a Youtube playlist so that it will be accessible easily for others in the future, you can find it here…