Lesson transcriptions (2020) - help wanted

This is a wiki post. If you can help transcribe (in English) the lessons during and/or shortly after they are recorded, please add your name here. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance for any help. Once we have some kind volunteers, we can think about how best to organize and allocate the work.

Volunteers (forum usernames):

  1. barnacl
  2. kushaj
  3. ram_cse
  4. sandeepsign
  5. pnvijay
  6. wyquek
  7. ark_aung
  8. kofi
  10. Hadus
  11. morgan
  12. PoonamV
  13. abhigupta4981
  14. melonkernel
  15. AndreaPi
  16. jona
  17. Jess
  18. Mindtrinket
  19. reshama
  20. nchukaobah
  21. Albertotono
  22. quantum
  23. gautam_e
  24. lin.crampton
  25. init_27
  26. butchland
  27. RogerS49
  28. jcatanza

Hi Jeremy, I would like to volunteer for the lesson transcriptions.

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Thanks @pnvijay - can you please add your name to the top post (it’s a wiki post).

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Just added myself, but was wondering if there has been any exploring with https://github.com/rbracco/fastai2_audio?

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@foobar8675 Jeremy already said that it’s quite there yet, so not this year

Sorry, wasn’t clear in my question - not in terms of part of the course, but actually for transcriptions.

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Not a native English speaker, but I’m willing to fix the autotranslated text, to the best of my skills :slightly_smiling_face: I studied English, and I worked in English-speaking environments for quite a bit, so I think I could do a decent job. I added my name to the Wiki post.

Previously I used AWS transcribe on personal videos. It was fairly cheap to get very close and then go over the corrections.

For a 3 hour session (or 10800 seconds) at $0.0004/second is about $4.32 per session. I would be happy to give that a try and see how it goes.


I’ve been told this is also good - and free:

Not that the AWS service is expensive, but I liked the idea of a free/OS service.

YouTube has live transcript as well.

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Come to think of it, I use Dragon Naturally Speaking already - that might turn out to be a good option. I haven’t used the transcription functionality before; I can give it a go.


Heeey, I used to use Dragon Dictation back in the days (well, actually it was a relative of mine, but I managed installation & updates for her). It was a really good piece of software. Good to know the company behind it is still alive and kickin’! I guess it’s based on Deep Learning, nowadays, right? Let us know how it works!

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We can split it up and review the text, break into topic sections, etc, whatever is needed to clean up the transcription.

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@AndreaPi, I had the same thought “wow, Dragon Naturally Speaking is still going strong?” nice!


Also Microsoft Stream is good for the transcript, and they are searchable as well. @jeremy https://products.office.com/en-us/microsoft-stream FYI

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That’s not free, though, right?. I think @jeremy was looking for free tools, or stuff he already had the license for.

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My plan is to run this through Dragon tomorrow morning and post the results, and then allocate a different section to each person who volunteered to clean up and correct it. Hope that works for everyone.


Sounds good. :slight_smile:

@transcribe-1v4: I’ve created the (very crappy) auto-transcription here:

Since there are 25 volunteers in this group, I’ve split the transcription into 25 pieces, with one username above each section. Can each of you please endeavor to transcribe the section under your username by 5p Saturday pacific time - you can just put your transcription directly in the google doc, replacing the auto-generated version. Please do the following:

  • When you start on your section, add “in progress” next to your username
  • When you complete your section, add “complete” next to your username
  • If you complete your section and still have some time to help do more, please do! In that case, just add your name after another person’s name, along with “in progress”, so that they know you’re working on the section assigned to them, and you don’t end up overlapping
  • If you don’t think you’ll have time to do your transcription after all (which is totally understandable!) please write “help wanted” after your username in the doc

Thank you so much everyone - I’m really grateful to you for working on this.