Lesson translations (2020) - help wanted

This is a wiki post. If you can help translate (i.e. add captions to) the lessons after they are recorded, please add your forum username here and the language you can help with. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance for any help.

Chinese: Akkkkkkki, like15, bigablecat, Ruyuan_Wan, RongfanLeo
Hindi : Vishucyrus (Vishal), MagnIeeT
Bulgarian/български: krasin
French: florobax DanyWin
Italian: miko, DavideBoschetto
Spanish: renato herchu AlisonDavey gamino clck10 cuby SOVIETIC-BOSS88
Malayalam/മലയാളം : harikrishnanrajeev
Myanmar/မြန်မာ: ark_aung yelwinsoe
Tamil/ தமிழ் : imrandude nareshr8
Ukrainian/Українська: liberus, sermakarevich
Vietnamese: quan.tran
Polish: Blanche slawekbiel miwojc Michal_w
Kiswahili: radikubwa
Swedish: melonkernel
Brazilian Portuguese: ronaldokun
Russian: xnutsive
Hebrew: mhanan
Japanese / 日本語: crcrpar, hiromi

The process is fairly straightforward thanks to Youtube’s tools. The process is described here:

Here’s a video walk-thru:


What is included in translation?
Is it only to translate notebooks or video subtitles too(if there will be any)?

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I might be able to help with Italian, but I’ll need to understand a bit more what it entails, so that I can juggle it with my day and side jobs

I’m assuming that it’s the transcriptions in English that’ll have to be translated. Help for transcriptions in the other thread. ( https://forums.fast.ai/t/lesson-transcriptions-2020-help-wanted/62446 )

Translating/captioning the video is the main task.

I should be able to help with translating to Ukrainian. Never did smth similar before though, so would be nice to have some kind of info how to optimally do that.

The process is fairly straightforward thanks to Youtube’s tools. The process is described here:


Here’s a video walk-thru:


i can help with malayalam

Thanks @harikrishnanrajeev! Can you please add yourself to the list in the top post?

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@miko I think I’ll be available to help for italian, too!
I’ll add both of us to the first post, if you are ok with it :slight_smile:

I can do polish translation.


Sounds good to me. I happen to be married to a professional translator, but I am not convinced she would want to be involved :slight_smile:

you can add yourself to the main post(it’s like a wiki)

Para Español Oprima Dos. I have added myself to wiki. :grinning:

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Thank you - please add your name to the top post.

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I’m willing to help with that.

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Many thanks. Can you please add your name to the top post?

i just tried to translate my frist youtube video (lesson 1 v3 :wink: ) and it’s more work than i thought :slight_smile:

but in general i think it would make sense to use process similar to this:

  1. youtube autogenerates English subtitles
  2. autogenerated English subtitles are corrected by the other group :wink:
  3. autotranslate (via youtube) the corrected English subtitles to some other language
  4. this group corrects the autotranslated subtitles

by making sure we have correct English subtitles to start with we could save a lot of time for translators to other languages, so that they don’t have to do it all separately. It can be done just once.

also by using English subtitles and autotranslating them we get the subtiltes timings for free basically, as setting timing manually for each subtitle would be much more work

let me know what do you think? and as i said it’s my first attempt to translate youtube video subtitles. so if anyone have done it in the past and want to share some tips, please feel free to do so :wink:


I think that’s about right, except I’d suggest not waiting for step 2. Otherwise a lot of latency is introduced into the process. You can listen to the video and hear what’s being said, and then replace the auto-generated English text with your translated text.

BTW I don’t see a Polish translation of lesson 1 v3 ready for review. Did you submit it?

oh i didn’t finish it yet :frowning: just wanted to see how this works first

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