Lesson translations (2020) - help wanted

you can add yourself to the main post(it’s like a wiki)

Para Español Oprima Dos. I have added myself to wiki. :grinning:

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Thank you - please add your name to the top post.

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I’m willing to help with that.

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Many thanks. Can you please add your name to the top post?

i just tried to translate my frist youtube video (lesson 1 v3 :wink: ) and it’s more work than i thought :slight_smile:

but in general i think it would make sense to use process similar to this:

  1. youtube autogenerates English subtitles
  2. autogenerated English subtitles are corrected by the other group :wink:
  3. autotranslate (via youtube) the corrected English subtitles to some other language
  4. this group corrects the autotranslated subtitles

by making sure we have correct English subtitles to start with we could save a lot of time for translators to other languages, so that they don’t have to do it all separately. It can be done just once.

also by using English subtitles and autotranslating them we get the subtiltes timings for free basically, as setting timing manually for each subtitle would be much more work

let me know what do you think? and as i said it’s my first attempt to translate youtube video subtitles. so if anyone have done it in the past and want to share some tips, please feel free to do so :wink:


I think that’s about right, except I’d suggest not waiting for step 2. Otherwise a lot of latency is introduced into the process. You can listen to the video and hear what’s being said, and then replace the auto-generated English text with your translated text.

BTW I don’t see a Polish translation of lesson 1 v3 ready for review. Did you submit it?

oh i didn’t finish it yet :frowning: just wanted to see how this works first

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Thanks for looking into it!

Would be great to have some kind of tutorial/guide to help everyone get started… :slight_smile:

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I’m not the best but I can try translating to swahili.


@radikubwa that would be awesome. Not sure I’ve seen DL material in any African languages - that could be a big deal! Could you please add your name to the top post?

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I can help in Polish for @Blanche and @miwojc :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Michal_w - can you please add your name to the top post?

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Hi @jeremy,
would we do a translation on a live recorded version or MOOC one?
You are doing post-editing usually before releasing it as MOOC, I am just curious if captions will be preserved.

I do the editing in the 24 hours after the lesson, and that’s what’s released both to the in-person group, and as a MOOC. No other edits will happen after that to the videos.

Thanks for the great question.


Surprised nobody offered help with the Russian translation. I’ll handle that then. Added myself to the post. If anyone wants to collaborate, please feel free to add yourself, I’ll start a thread when the course starts and we can load balance. :wink:


I can help you with this if you are ok.

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I would love to arrange the translation into Hebrew, but I don’t seem to have the time to translate everything on my own. Is it possible to ask people who have not been invited to the course to translate and send them the link in private?

I would love it! There is also possibility that a couple more people will join so we should be able to balance load quite well.

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Yes absolutely - if there are folks who are prepared to put in the time helping with translations, then they’re most welcome to join the course!